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Those with obsessions are curious creatures. Their love for what they do is infectious in every way. So go ahead. Explore, experiment and splash into something new. You might just find a T2 obsession of your own.

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Flipping out over Fruitalicious

Flipping out over Fruitalicious

Claire, Team Member, T2 Emporium

Tell us what obsession means to you?

Obsession is something you can’t stop thinking about. It’s something you’re passionate about. And something that you want to know more about.

What makes Fruitalicious your tea obsession?

Well, because I’m fruity and weird and I can be hot, or I’ll cool it down sometimes and be refreshing. And you can find different ways to try it in different recipes. It’s all about experimenting and mixing it up.

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Splashing out over French Earl Grey

Magenta, Creative, T2 HQ

How would you describe being obsessed?

Obsession is being completely consumed by something and maybe not even knowing it. It’s something you do every day and becomes a habit. And you’re not even entirely aware of it. So it becomes normal.

What makes French Earl Grey your tea obsession?

I think it’s a beautiful tea just to look at in terms of the loose leaf. The floral that comes through kind of makes it that modern variation of something that’s so classic.

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Splashing out over French Earl Grey
Feeling good with Gone Surfing

Feeling good with Gone Surfing

Jordan, Team Member, T2 Emporium

What defines obsession for you?

Being obsessed is not being able to go without. It’s constantly on your mind. Not being able to go a day without it kind of thing.

What makes Gone Surfing your tea obsession?

I used to have Gone Surfing in the morning when I was living in London and it wakes me up. Super random. And then I’d have it before bed as well and it just chilled me out. So yeah, it’s every day. All day every day.

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Loved up on Green Rose

Kim, Team Member, T2 Chadstone

When does something tip over into obsession?

I think being obsessed is when something completely takes over your life and it means that you constantly think about it. You relate it to everything that you do.

What makes Green Rose your tea obsession?

It’s soothing and free, super easy to drink and delicious. I’d describe it as pleasant too. But it’s kind of unique in its own way and how all the flavours interact with each other.

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Loved up on Green Rose