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Indulge in the sweeter side of life

Taste our treats in every brew.

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You’re in for a treat

We’ve sweet sips to pair with delectable treats, and soothing brews to follow the feast. We’ve mixed familiar flavours and some less so, tastes of caramel, coconut, and cinnamon dough.

Baxter’s Buns

All the flavours you’d expect from a classic Hot Cross Bun.

Her name was Miss Baxter and T2 she called home, it was her suggestion that we take on her recipe and make it our own.

Now once a year, this recipe we wrap up and offer, a fruity classic to serve in Miss Baxter’s fine honour.

Top tip

For a truly indulgent cup, add some whipped cream on top.

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Lamington is back!

Sweet chocolatey flavours play with luscious coconut and layers of jammy raspberry to make this full-bodied black tea.

If you’ve been a fan long enough, you’ll already know, that luscious, sweet Lamington is a special sip to bestow.

Back from the archives we’ve revived our classic drop, giving it a raspberry twist, a blend of two pots.

Top tip

Brew extra strong (3tsp/150mls water/4mins) to bring out all the Lamington flavours.

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You’re in for a treat when you visit Baxter’s Bakery.

A gift box of four delicious teas; Baxter’s Buns, Lamington, Banana Bake and Hot Jam Brownie, straight out of the oven.

Inspired by French bakeries and decorated in fine illustration, this gift is for indulging in a sweet celebration.

Top tip

Don’t be afraid to blend across boxes! Try Banana Bake or Lamington with Hot Jam Brownie and settle in for a delicious discovery!

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Meet our Little Sippers

Cute teacups in durable porcelain for the tiny tea lovers at the table. Pick from a cat, koala or bunny!

Caterina cat

Caterina loves cake.

As silky soft as her very own fur, for Caterina it’s a fancy fondant that makes her purr.

See her lick her paws and you could be forgiven, for thinking it was a light groom she was giving.

But in fact all along it was to lick-up the crumbs, of a sweet she’d devoured now safe in her tum.

Take a sip but watch her whiskers or you’ll give a slight tickle, be a gem, share your treats and let Caterina in for a nibble.

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Ko-ko koala

Ko-ko loves Cocoa.

What lives in a tree, up high in the leaves?

Meet our friend Ko-ko and we’re sure you’ll be surprised. For it’s not Eucalyptus leaves she climbs up trees to find.

No, from way up top Ko-ko gets to take in the best view, see she’s looking for any hidden chocolates she can sneak back down to chew.

Don’t think her crafty or even mischievous, she’s a darling that Ko-ko but her love for chocolate is serious.

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Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny loves honey.

If it’s sweet and it’s runny then it’s a favourite of Miss Bunny’s.

Trust her tastes, follow her lead and she’ll find something yummy.

It might taste of caramel, it could be vanilla, or raspberry, coconut or some other winner.

What a softy, what a cutie, that delightful Miss Bunny, who’ll share almost anything - except for her honey.

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