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T2 × Reynold Poernomo

Reynold Poernomo

Dubbed the ‘Dessert King’ and after lighting up Australian screens all over the country showcasing his jaw-dropping dessert creations, Reynold Poernomo has teamed up with T2 for some seriously delectable tea-infused dishes.

In between opening a dessert bar of his very own named KOI, coming up with wildly new creations in the kitchen, working seven days a week and managing to put a smile on food lovers faces from all corners of the globe—Reynold took the challenge of incorporating some of our favourite teas into a few mouth-watering recipes that you’ll no doubt want to try yourself.

Reynold’s enthusiasm in the kitchen naturally spilt over into this one of a kind collaboration with the great flavours of tea shining through. As a result, Reynold’s panna cotta twist to our Crème Brulee tea features apple wood smoked crème brulee panna cotta, chocolate soil and hazelnut gelato. Reynold then took our humble Apple Crumble brew and added a honeycomb, brown butter and cinnamon twist that can only be described as simply divine. To taste these is to go on tea-infused journey to dessert heaven!

We wanted to know where he drew all that inspiration from, what drives him every day, who inspires him, what his guilty go-to foods were, what he does to wind down, along with his top tips for cooking with tea. Phew! Take it away Reynold.

Where do you draw all that cooking inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from other chefs such as Dominique Crenn, Grant Achatz, and Albert Adria etc. I also love to be inspired by nature and landscape.

Why do those particular chefs inspire you?

They have a knack of always being ahead in the food industry. Striving for something new and brings an experience to their diners than just feeding them.

What are some of the challenges running your own restaurant?

Well one thing for sure is that cooking is the easy bit, everything else is tough. Trying to keep being creative to bring something new is always a hard one.

Favourite winter comfort dish?

Anything with noodles, soup and spice. So I guess boat noodle soup/duck noodle soup for me, or the occasional Pho.

Perfect meal to have a cup of tea with?

A slice of cake if you'd call that a meal.

Favourite type of tea to cook with?

Definitely Green Tea/Matcha or French Earl Grey. Green tea is an obvious reason why and French Earl Grey because its aromatic characteristics make it very warming.

Top tip to those looking to experiment with tea in their cooking?

Find the tea's background in flavour, if it is fragrant and aromatic, use ingredients that will mellow the aromas or enhance them. If it is strong and sharp like black tea, use a neutral component with a dairy base.

What KOI dishes should we put on our list to try?

I'd say if you're having dinner, go for the Moss as it's a signature of mine. Otherwise, try the cake cabinet. My personal favourites would be the Bailey's cake, Nomtella and Mango yuzu.

Your ideal weekend away?

In bed watching Netflix with ice cream... seriously. Once in a while I love to be a potato since I work 7 days a week.

Secret guilty go-to food?

Most definitely mie-goreng (best with freshly shaved truffles).