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Tea Flasks & Tea Bottles

It’s tea-time anywhere, anytime with T2 thermal tea infuser bottles. Sensationally pretty stainless steel designs, glam glass tea flasks and marvellous matcha flasks let you enjoy your tea hot, or your herbal tisanes nice and cold, on the go wherever the day takes you.

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What is a tea infuser bottle?

A tea infuser bottle is a fresh and fabulously funky way to make, store and enjoy your loose leaf tea – piping hot or cold as ice – anywhere, anytime, wherever life leads you!

These super-stylish multi-taskers are thermal tea flasks for the devout tea lovers. Do you have favourite T2 teas? A tea infuser bottle or a tea travel flask lets you enjoy a steaming hot cuppa at work, on the bus, at the footy, or anywhere you might go.

On sunny summer days these thermal bottles also keep your refreshing fruity or floral tisanes icy cold for as long as you need.

How do tea infuser bottles work?

Complete with in-built infusers our tea travel flasks are as easy as your tea mug or teapot to use – pop your tea leaves in, add hot water then simply sip when it suits your schedule.

Our stainless steel tea flasks are designed with thermal properties just like a thermos, so you can enjoy your loose leaf tea still hot or cold hours after it’s made.

T2 glass tea infuser bottles use double wall glass to keep the heat in or out, kind of like double-glazed windows – but so much sexier.

Marvellous matcha flasks have a built-in whisk so you can sip on a frothy cup of matcha whenever you fancy. How cool is that! Or hot, as the case may be.

How to use a tea infuser bottle?

Simply pop a scoop of your favourite T2 tea or tisane into the infuser, pour in the boiling water, allow the steam to escape and then screw on the lid to keep your brew piping hot, a smile on your face and a spring in your step all day long.

If it’s a refreshing summertime splash of iced tea you seek don't fret, your chilly brew can still go too. Just make your tea in a separate jug or teapot – our Jug-a-lot is ideal – refrigerate and then pour it into your tea infuser bottle once it’s cold. Your tea flask will keep your brew as fresh, zesty and cool-as-a-cucumber as long as you need!

If you don’t have a Jug-a-lot or a suitable teapot you can take the infuser from your tea flask and use it to make your loose leaf tea in any jug, then pour it into your tea travel flask once it’s perfectly chilled.

What are the benefits of a tea infuser bottle?

Wow, these fabulous tea-making tools are steeped in a bounty of benefits!

Say your relieved goodbyes to dunking dodgy teabags in your daggy office mug and get through your day with your fave T2 teas in a stylish tea infuser water bottle.

Need a pick-me-up before that important meeting? Your double wall glass tea infuser bottle means business too – it’s on hand to provide just the boost you need, hot and invigorating, right through the work day.

And if you’re a time-poor tea lover it’s oh-so-easy to throw your tea leaves into the tea infuser bottle, pour in the hot water and off you go!

T2 tea flask designs ensure your best blends don’t just taste tip-top, but they look super glam and stylish wherever you may be – bogged in mud at the kid’s footy match, catching that red-eye flight for work or even at the local dog park on Saturday morning.

Are tea infuser bottles environmentally friendly?

Care for the planet by using your easy to clean tea travel flask or tea infuser tumbler again and again and again…

Made from strong stainless steel and double walled glass, T2 reusable tea flasks are a sleek and chic way to brew the best blends and a tea-rrific way to enjoy your tea with a clear conscience! Less dishes, no waste and no disposable cups.

If a cuppa is all you need leave the flask at home and take your tea in a T2 bamboo, stainless or BPA free plastic travel cup and say no thanks to disposable cups. You’re welcome, environment!

Where to buy an infusion tea bottle?

T2’s range of tea infuser bottles make the perfect gift for yourself or another. Vibrant, exciting designs in a veritable rainbow of colours bring style and glamour to tea on the go.

Our matcha makers, glam glass tea infuser bottles and stunning thermal flasks are the ideal vessels for transporting your fave brews all over town, in the hippest, coolest way of course!

Double walled interiors, in-built infusers and twist top lids take tea-loving travellers to new heights. Sip long, sip hard, sip with style when your tea infuser bottle goes where you go.