Australian Teas – Discover Beaut Bush Brews From Down Under

Discover the bold flavors and rugged notes of native Australian teas. From sundrenched sandy shores to red desert soils, Australian teas boast complex botanical flavors with smooth finishes.

What is Australian tea?

Australian tea production occurs down under where native botanical blends burst with rich earthy flavors and sweet, subtle aromatics. Australian teas can be complex: both strong and serious yet balanced by light, lilting flowery notes.

What does Australian tea taste like?

So many flavors like to dance to the tune of the didgeridoo… where hints of refreshing lemon myrtle scurry across the palate and rich plummy notes combine with native fruits for an exciting tea taste like no other.

Australian teas are herbal infusions for the intrepid tea drinking afficionado, the risk-taking soul whose tea repertoire is varied, exciting, and paves the way to new tea adventures.

What are the best types of Australian-made tea?

Grown beneath intense sun in organic sandy soils and rich, red dirt, the best types of Australian tea reflect the expansive diversity of the land down under. Popular Aussie brews include:

  1. World famous Bondi beach is the inspiration for one of the most refreshing and uplifting Aussie sips, a loose leaf herbal tisane who stole its name from this world class coastal location. Bondi loose leaf herbal tisane is a caffeine-free calming herbal tea that can be drunk from sunrise through to sunset and beneath the starry skies.

  1. Just Lemon Myrtle is another loose leaf herbal tisane boasting thirst-quenching Aussie flavors and sensational aromatics. Harvested from the whole lemon myrtle leaf, this native Australian tea has a sweetly spiced refreshing mouth feel with zesty citrus accents.

  1. Straight from the lush tropical environs of far north Queensland, a hearty cup of Daintree loose leaf black tea is a big, bright brew with coppery glints.

  1. Aussie breakfast teas are a great way to start the day. Take a trek around this great southern land with a robust cup of Melbourne Breakfast tea, Sydney Breakfast tea, Brisbane breakfast tea, Adelaide Breakfast tea or Canberra Breakfast tea.

Is Australian tea healthy?

The ingredients in this dazzling Australian grown tea blends are bursting with goodness fighting for top-rating healthy tea status along with our super-charged green teas and healthy herbal brews.

Black teas are high performers boasting top antecedents in the antioxidants class, but unique Australian tea ingredient lemon myrtle is a power-packed superstar itself. A rich source of Vitamin C, lemon myrtle’s CV extends to:

  • Antioxidants
  • Antimicrobials
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antivirals

Just like the laidback Aussie lifestyle, native Australian teas have got to be good for you along with popular teas like turmeric tea, magnificent matcha, and green tea gurus like sencha and jasmine tea.

Where can I buy Australian tea?

Visit your local T2 Tea shop located around the US to find tea from Australia or buy your Australian tea online and have it shipped to your door.