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Shop popular tea cup collections with sleek and unique designs. The life of your tea parties, these tea-rrific tea cups are elegant, dainty, bold, and blooming beautiful!

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What are the types of tea cups?

Knock your guests’ socks off and serve their fave T2 teas in tea cups, tea infuser mugs or tea cup and saucer sets from our glamorous range of teawares.

Globally-inspired tea cup designs flirt with pretty patterns, cool colours and creative craftsmanship in exquisite fine bone china and porcelain collections, groovy borosilicate glass tea cups and earthy stoneware tea sets, to deliver the complete tea-drinking experience.

Out and about and always on the go? No need to leave home without your trusty tea leaf brew, for our sturdy stainless steel travel cups will follow you faithfully wherever you go.

For stay-at-home cuppas find yourself invigorated and inspired when you brew your best teas in out-of-this-world tea cup and pot sets, infuser tea cups and mugs, or tea cup and saucers sets, all created with passion and pizzazz!

How many cups of tea should I drink a day?

At T2 you’ll find a plethora of teas from across the globe, craftily created to bring you a refreshing, invigorating, lively, soothing or replenishing drop whenever you need.

Teas are a great source of health-boosting antioxidants so keep sipping and savouring all day long if you want! It’s kinda hard not to, when tastebuds are tempted by a robust range of:

Are tea cups microwave safe?

T2 tea cup artistry is certainly something to behold! We love feasting our gaze upon intricate, luscious and lavish designs such as Mystic Carpet, Adriana Picker, Eleganza or Bonnie and Neil cup and saucer sets – so we don’t recommend subjecting them to the harsh reality of the microwave.

However, some tea cup sets will muscle-up and emerge unscathed from your microwave so check whether yours is designed to withstand the microwave or not.

Pertaining to their unique individuality – which is something we love about our T2 tea cups – you’ll find most porcelain tea cup sets will say ‘no thank you’ to the microwave, but others, such as hunky Hugo, can definitely handle it.

The same can be said of borosilicate glass tea cups – some will, some won’t – but dainty and delicate fine bone china tea cup and saucer sets need to be treated with TLC!

How to use a tea cup?

Your fine bone china tea cup and saucer will provide a sophisticated air to your high tea dalliances, especially when nestled up to their matching teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls! Why not get swanky and swish, pop out the pinky, and sip a sensational brew poured sedately from teapot to teacup?

Of course, you could serve tea with true ceremonial style: green tea brewed in a traditional Japanese tea pot and served in Japanese tea cups. Konnichiwa!

Alternatively, pop your tea leaves directly into your infuser tea cup and brew at the recommended temperature for the recommended time according to our tea making guides!

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