English Breakfast Tea – What a Jolly Good Drop!

Start your day the English way with a rich and robust English Breakfast brew! Drunk every which way from a mighty big mug of ‘builder’s tea’ to an afternoon tea party tipple in a fine bone china pinkie-finger tea set, a jolly good English Breakfast cuppa is the consummate crowd pleaser.

What is English Breakfast tea?

One could simply say English Breakfast tea is a black tea derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant grown in Sri Lanka. But that would be a serious understatement as English breakfast tea is better described as a sensational worldwide phenomenon!

Since its invention in the late 1800’s, English Breakfast tea has blossomed and bloomed, dunked and dived, flitted and floated its way through teapots and teacups all over the world to become a mainstay, go-to, globally-revered top tea.

How does English Breakfast tea taste?

Earning gold stars from the world’s most discerning tea drinkers, English Breakfast tea is a fresh and confident brew with a lively vibe. Black tea drinkers will find a classic style with a smooth finish, an easy-to-drink tea just as good with a splash and a dash of milk and sugar for a warm and welcoming start to the day!

How much caffeine is in English Breakfast tea?

English Breakfast tea is a type of fermented black tea originally created to accompany a hearty English breakfast, so one expects it to provide a caffeine-fuelled kick-start to the day!

The caffeine in English Breakfast tea and its best buddies Melbourne Breakfast tea and New York breakfast tea is pretty much on par with any blend of black teas such as Assam, Earl Grey and Chai.

All black tea brews contain less caffeine than coffee but more than:

Herbal teas and floral tisanes such as chamomile tea, ginger tea and peppermint tea and fruit tisanes are your caffeine-free refreshing tea tastes.

Is English Breakfast tea healthy?

The immune boosting quali-teas of English Breakfast black tea flow forth with bountiful benefits so don’t worry about an apple-a-day, because of cup of black tea keeps the doctor away too!

The health benefits of English Breakfast tea are steeped in positivi-tea and delivered via oodles of plant-powered antioxidants such as catechins, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Dunk those English breakfast tea bags or steep those English Breakfast tea leaves, because studies show that drinking black tea just might help to reduce the risk of many health conditions and diseases.

By the way, if you are partial to the notion that an ‘apple-a-day keeps the doctor away’, why not try a sweet and juicy cup of apple tea for something different?

How do you make English Breakfast tea?

Follow these steps to brew the best English Breakfast tea to tempt all tea-loving tastebuds:

  1. Use a dash of boiling water to warm your beautiful T2 teapot, teamaker, teacup or tea mug with infuser.
  2. Add English Breakfast tea bags to the teacups, or one scoop of English Breakfast loose leaf tea per cup to your teapot, teamaker or tea mug with infuser.
  3. Add boiling water at 100°C and brew for 2-4 minutes.
  4. Serve to the tea-lover’s taste either black, with a splash of milk and/or a sprinkle of sugar.