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Oh no! You are not allowed to register customer in-store due to the GDPR update! This update is live from 25 May 2018.

So what is it?

Change to European law that requires customer to only self sign up to a loyalty program and all existing loyalty members must re-opt into a loyalty program. This will affect all UK companies and loyalty programs.

So what changes?

In-store sign up process to change, team can legally no longer sign customers up in-store at POS.

  • Existing customers: Will be contacted via T2 eDM to re-join Tea Society, they must do this themselves online. Team members must prompt customers to re-join in-store.
  • New customers: Join Tea Society themselves online via T2 You store will receive in-store message boards prompting customers to sign up online and show the website link.

What are we saying to customers?

  • Email to all current UK Tea Society members to request that they re-opt in and be made aware of T2 Privacy policy.
  • When customers are in store, please prompt them of these changes and ask them to join Tea Society themselves via our website.

So what repercussions for not complying?

Failing to adhere to the GDPR will incur a fine up to 4% of global turnover or €20 million, which ever is greater!!!!