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Quietly spoken yet profoundly eloquent, our loose leaf white tea collection is a study of pure, unadulterated beauty designed to leave you humming with rapture and repose.

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Bright, White and Super Light Tea!

What is white tea?

White tea tends to hide its bright white light under a bushel, seeming to pale in comparison to its more famous and outgoing tea-siblings. But despite its shy character white tea is an important member of the family.

White tea made from the buds and the freshest leaves of the camellia sinensis plant bears fine, silvery-white hairs, which is how it gets its name.

When you think of white tea you should think of unsullied tea as beautiful and pure as the proverbial driven snow. In fact, fresh and appealing white tea is the least processed and least oxidised of all its siblings - black, green, pu-erh and oolong teas – which is how it retains its delicate tones and health-boosting properties.

Gregarious green tea might boast an abundance of good-for-you properties and claim to be top of the health-giving tea chain, but the benefits of white tea compete strongly with green tea and could almost earn it a position alongside our range of Wellness Teas.

Is white tea good for you?

When white tea drifts, wafts and flutters its unassuming way into your tea-making repertoire it is like a breath of fresh air landing gently in your T2 teacup.

All teas from the camellia sinensis plant bring blooming good health benefits to the humble cuppa, and white tea steps up to the plate with abundant health-giving goodness such as:

  1. Weight loss

White tea plunges plenty of polyphenols into your brew which can boost your metabolism and help to burn fat. Imagine losing weight while you relax and take a moment to enjoy a refreshing cup of diet-licious White Jasmine, Silver Needles or White Rose loose leaf tea!

  1. Support heart health

There are loads of antioxidants gallivanting around in your cup of white tea. Studies indicate that antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids and polyphenols may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and relieve high blood pressure and cholesterol. This is why we LOVE a cup of white tea!

  1. Reduce inflammation

Bring on those playful polyphenols – racing around and doing good for our bodies while we sip, sip, sip the day away. Go you good thing – precious polyphenols protecting our cells against damage caused by free radicals! These and other antioxidants may also help to calm the farm and improve inflammatory conditions in the body.

  1. Reduced risk of cancer

Wow, so much goodness in a humble cup of tea! Studies suggest teas like white tea, with sky-high levels of antioxidants, can protect against cell damage, reducing the risk of some cancers. And who doesn’t need that!

What does white tea taste like?

Refined yet well-rounded, dignified white tea tiptoes around your tastebuds with delicate tea essences and whispers of lingering florals tinged with smooth, understated flavours. White teas lean more towards slightly sweeter notes than their grassy green and bold black tea-buddies.

When White Tea couples up with Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea you’ll find a sniff of sugarcane and inklings of earthy aromas. Sweetly aromatic White Jasmine loose-leaf tea can be drunk anytime, anywhere.

The prettiest of brews must be White Rose offering a sweet-smelling sensation of fluttering florals while White White Cocoa transports you to sun-drenched deserted islands sporting coconut trees and endless fields of delicious cocoa.

Pai Mu Tan and Silver Needles are types of white tea which offer the elegant floral notes of the sweet buds and young leaves with a soft and smooth finish.

White Tea Facts and Practicali-teas

Does white tea have caffeine?

Is there caffeine in white tea? Yes there is, because all tea leaves born of the camellia sinensis plant contain caffeine to varying degrees.  White tea has lower levels of caffeine than black or green teas, which both contain less caffeine than coffee.

How to drink white tea?

Why mess with a good thing? The typical introvert, white tea is perfectly happy in its own company, so drink it pure and straight, and enjoy!

How to make white tea?

Delicate white tea likes to linger in your T2 teapot, tea mugs with infusers and teacups with infuser or tea maker for around five minutes or so, at 80°C. Learn more about how to make the perfect cup of tea with our tea brewing guide.

Where can I buy white tea?

Your local T2 shop and online store have lashings of luscious white teas! Beautiful blends with aromatic rose petals, jasmine flowers and cocoa husks create perfectly delicious white tea brews, or enjoy its natural, unadulterated beauty via Silver Needles and Pai Mu Tan loose leaf teas.

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