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Brewing Tools

Stainless steel mesh tea infusers are totally fab tea filters, accompanying all your tea making tools to brew loose leaf tea to perfection! Tea infusers ensure no random tea leaves gate-crash your tea party. Functional and funky, our tea brewing tools settle in to do their job to make the perfect cup of tea.

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What is a tea infuser?

Tea infusers are must-have tea making tools in any serious tea-drinker’s tea kit! They keep all the itty-bitty little tealeaves penned and under control, ensuring none escape to sully the smooth enjoyment of sipping on your tea-licious brew.

These T2 tea brewing accessories come in many different forms, shapes and sizes, and are perfectly practical tea trinkets to let you enjoy fuss-free sipping. These gorgeous gadgets are improperly proper, practically impractical and unnecessarily necessary to your tea brewing tools collection! Get serious with a T2 Go To Infuser With Lid, a Basket Infuser With Lid, or find the joy in the range of colours our selection of Merriest Infusers bring to the table.

See how our range of fun tea ball infusers do the job while creating a little frivolity in your humble cuppa! These frisky balls on a chain are practical, hugely helpful and full of super cute jingly-jangly attachments! We have quite a collection, including hot air balloons, cockatoos, strawberries, pineapples and peaches, even little gold teapots and daisy chains!

Fine mesh tea infusers will fit into your tea cup and teapot, and some tea brewing and drinking vessels even come with their own built-in tea infuser – how handy is that!

All our funky yet functional tea infusers are made from stainless steel mesh. They are on guard to keep all the rogue runabout tealeaves from infiltrating your seriously good brew.

How to use a tea infuser?

You can pop a tea infuser into any tea-drinking receptacle, add a scoop of loose leaf tea and pour in the hot water, removing the tea infuser when the tea has brewed to perfection.

Tea strainers catch the freefall tea leaves as you tip them up and pour them out of your super cool T2 teapot.

Tea infusers allow the tea leaves to brew in the teapot, tea cup or tea mug without swimming all over the teapot. In other words, tea infusers work to retain the tea leaves while the tea brews. When it’s ready you can pour a perfect tea-leaf-free cuppa from the teapot, or simply remove the infuser from your tea cup or tea mug and getting sipping!

How to clean a tea infuser?

Made from stainless steel with many containing zinc alloy or silicone lids, our functional and frivolous infusers get a little serious when it comes to bath-time. They’ll protest if you throw them in the dishwasher, so make sure to gently hand wash them, pretty please!

How much tea do you put in an infuser?

When you brew loose leaf tea and tea bags you’ll find each T2 pack of tea has a best brewing guide telling you how much tea, how long to brew it and at what temperature. That’s what we recommend but hey, it’s your cup of tea so if you like your cuppa to have a bit of oomph go ahead and add an extra scoop! Prefer a more subtle brew? Then throw in just a little less loose leaf tea – it’s your tea, your rules!

You’ll find small but mighty scoops in different colours to complement your ooh-la-la tea infuser pot or your totally gorgeous tea infuser cup or mug. T2 tea scoops are one of the best things to come in small packages, delivering the perfect measure of loose leaf tea into your tea infuser every time.

Where to buy a tea infuser and tea brewing tools?

At T2 online or instore you’ll find every teawares item you need including our inspiring range of simply sensational stainless steel tea infusers to add a magical touch to your tea making tools set.

You can buy totally glam teapots, cups and mugs with built-in infusers, and you can buy the fine mesh infusers separately too! At T2 we have all the tea tools you need for serious tea-drinking sessions such as scoops for the perfect measure, bamboo whisks and other creamy matcha making tools, adorable tea strainers in cool designs, and swish teaspoons adding an opulent air to your afternoon tea parties.

If you’re a tea afficionado your teawares collection isn’t complete without a few cute tea infuser balls or tea infusers with lids, along with handy tea infuser tea cup sets and tea infuser bottles to make every tea-drinking occasion and opportunity oh-so-easy.

They’re just as gorgeous as our designer teapots and teacups, the perfect accessory to your stylish teawares set. You’ll love browsing online or instore when the brilliant bling of our Marigold Gold Infuser in all its golden glory catches your eye, and when you spy the totally fab designs and cool colour collaborations or our Merriest Infuser collection, especially the delightful Rainbow Plum infuser and the handy T2 Rainbow Tea Stick contraption!

How can you resist the cute collection of tea infuser balls – and what great gifts do they make! Looking for the perfect souvenir for your tea-loving visitors? They’ll adore the mesh ball infuser with the London bus! Of course you’ll need another one for your collection too…