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Tea For One

Solo sipping in style is oh-so-simple with our sensational tea for one sets! Find iconic T2 designs just for you in teapot for one sets, and gorgeous tea for one sets comprising small teapots, diffusers, cups and saucers - the only way to savour loose leaf brews in peaceful solitude!

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Sip your way to a serene sense of solitude with tea for one sets!

You love sharing tea-moments with your besties, and rowdy tea-parties are simply the best! But sometimes a zen moment with your most comforting tea leaf brew is better than anything.

What is the best tea for one set?

The thing about me-time is that it needs to soothe the senses. When it’s time for tea and you’re going it alone, get out your special tea for one set and do it in tasteful style! Because… Why not?

At T2 we have the most gorgeous teawares for your solo sips. We have adorable tea for one teapots where the brew-tiful teapot with infuser sits perfectly atop the matching teacup! They cosy-up together, their perfect in-sync symmetry keeping each other warm while the tea brews. Then you simply take the “little teapot, short and stout and tip me up and pour me out” when you’re ready to enjoy your perfectly-sized, brewed-just-for-one cuppa!

Of course, you’ll find lots of our most beloved designs in single-sized teapots with diffusers and matching tea cup and saucer sets too! The illustrious Botanical, Eleganza and Moroccan Tealeidoscope iconic teawares collections all feature in our tea for one sets, as do our gorgeous Sari and Mystic Carpet Rides collections for a dash of exotic style.

Zoo Brews and Monochrome add a little pizazz to solitary sipping spells while our colourful array of Basket Tea designs will surely brighten your day!

How do you use a one tea set?

Designed to brew one perfectly-sized cup of tea, teapot and cup sets make solo tea-making beautifully simple.

Whichever artistic and inspiring design floats your boat – and your tea-leaves – it’s simply a matter of adding a scoop of your favourite loose leaf tea to the teapot or teacup infuser then brew, pour, sip and say aaahhhhhh…. as you savour the happy moment.

What does a T2 tea set include?

T2 teawares collections are just a little bit special. In exquisite designs from blooming floral, bright and bold to gloriously gorgeous and perfectly pretty, all our stunning tea sets come in many different forms.

See our tea cup and saucer sets and teapot and cup sets for one or two people with teapots large and small, perfect for solo sippers and intimate tea-for-two tea parties.

The dilemma - tea bags vs tea for one sets

‘There’s a place for everything, everything in its place” – Benjamin Franklin.

Sometimes it’s just a teabag-dunking kind of day. Having your favourite tea on hand in tea bag form is a great back-up for the days when, for whatever reason, you’re not brewing your tea in loose leaf form.

But why not just go for a teabag every time you’re sipping solo? It’s quick and easy, right? True, but there are a few reasons you might choose to brew loose leaf tea in your favourite tea for one set over a quick dunk-and-squeeze with a teabag…

When might you choose a tea for one set?

There are many reasons to add a tea for one set to your teawares cupboard:

  • You feel like the natural taste of freshly brewed tea leaves but you’re sipping solo.

  • Part of the pleasure of a cup of tea is the tea-making ritual.

  • You can control the strength of your tea not only with the time it brews, but by the amount of tea leaves used.

  • You love the beauty and functionality of your stunning T2 tea infuser set – it makes you happy!

  • Not all of your favourite loose leaf teas and herbal or fruit tisanes might be available in tea bag form.

  • There is a calming sense of pure pleasure that comes with brewing natural tea leaves in a simply beautiful tea infuser pot, or a tea infuser cup.

Where to buy tea for one sets?

Buying a new tea infuser cup, tea infuser pot, or tea for one teapot, cup and saucer set is like buying yourself a pretty new dress. You want to pop it on, swish it about and just LOVE the way it makes you feel!

The difference between the two shopping experiences? When you want to buy a gorgeous new tea for one set you don’t have to go to numerous shops to find THE ONE – you just go to your local T2 store – or shop at T2 online – and there it is!

Esteemed T2 teawares will heighten your senses, soothe your soul and satiate your appetite for beauty. Our international designers use unrivalled skills and artistic flair to create exquisite, exclusive designs worthy of nurturing your favourite tea leaf brews while you sip and sup your way to your happy place.

How much do tea for one sets cost?

The vast range of finely crafted T2 tea for one sets vary in price which means there is the perfect solo-sipper tea for one set waiting for you.

A fine bone china tea for one set will have a different price tag to a borosilicate glass tea for one set. The exclusivity of the gorgeous, glamorous Adriana Picker tea for one set creates a different price point to the smooth and sexy Portuguese Tiles tea for one set.

And when iconic and exclusive T2 tea for one sets are available at special prices there are fantastic savings to be made on all your fave teawares designs!

Of course the cost isn’t an issue if you’re lucky enough to receive a T2 tea and teawares pack or a T2 Gift Card with which to buy the tea for one gift set that you fall in love with.