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To perfect the art of tea-drinking, daily tea rituals should always be done in a stylish teapot. Brew tea in a teapot designed with classic elegance or sleek, modern panache, and it will taste so much better. Bursting with blossoming florals, groovy geometrics and rainbow colour palettes, T2 teapots steal the show!

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What are the best teapots?

Inspired by the spices of Morocco, the traditions of China and tea-drinking cultures from all over the world, our international designers create the most exquisite teapot collections from cute and adorable to funky and spunky!

Precisely crafted to master the tradition of a perfectly poured cup of tea, T2 teapot collections will have you oooh-ing and aaah-ing over their breathtaking beauty in fine bone china, crystal-clear glass and Japanese-style cast iron.

Top-shelf T2 teapots will impress the fussiest of tea party guests with delicate designs for the pinky-finger-crooking tea sippers to those that like to slurp on a good, strong brew from a bodacious-but-not-brash dependable teapot.

Our regular fine quality fan-favourites along with limited edition designs are always available so you can boast the best teapot collection in town!

What is an infuser teapot?

Tea bags have their time and place, and there’s nothing wrong with a good dunking before we sip and sup on a hearty cuppa. But when we need a real cup of tea you can’t beat quality loose leaf tea brewed in your best teapot.

If you want to brew a blend of your favourite loose leaf tea then your cast iron, fine bone china or glass teapot needs to partner up with a stainless steel infuser - or at least a teapot strainer.

A teapot infuser is the ideal no-fuss, no-mess way to prevent the loose leaf tea from invading your cup so you can sip, slurp and savour every last drop of your favourite brew.

How to make tea in a teapot?

T2’s world class tea blends feel right at home steeping to the point of perfection in our tearrific range of teapots!

The first step to making the hippest sips in a teapot is to equip yourselves with an irresistible selection of tantalising T2 tea blends keen to adorn the inner sanctum of your super-stylish teapot.

Next, you should always warm the teapot, just as your grandmother told you. A swish of boiling water takes the chill off the teapot and keeps your tea warmer for longer.

Finally, choose the perfect brew for your morning cuppa, midday brew, afternoon tea or evening soother and place one teaspoon per teacup into your teapot infuser. If you’re sipping solo one teaspoon will do, but if yours is a tea party for two you need two teaspoons of tea in a 450ml teapot. Like a good, strong brew? Don’t over-stew your fine tea leaves, simply add another teaspoon!

Before you add the hot water, look for the temperatures and brewing times depicted on your box of T2 tea. Most herbal and fruit tisanes will be their blooming best brewed at 100°C for three to five minutes.

Slightly more delicate teas such as white, green and oolong generally prefer to ease their way around an 80°C bath, lingering comfortably for between one and seven minutes, depending on the tea.

Your morning kick-start cuppa of black breakfast tea dives into 100°C and hangs around for between two and four minutes.

Throw on a teapot cosy and when the tea has steeped your teapot is ready to 'tip me up and pour me out' because it’s tea time!

How to clean a teapot?

Our treasured teapot sets each come with a care guide reflecting the care needed for a porcelain, china, glass or Japanese teapot.

Japanese-style cast iron teapots like to be handwashed without detergent, and to be wiped dry after rinsing. This type of teapot with infuser isn’t keen on the dishwasher.

Porcelain and fine bone china teapots also need a little TLC but some are ok with the hustle and bustle of the dishwasher, so check before cleaning your new teapot. Super stylish Borosilicate glass teapots are generally better with handwashing too.

To become skilled in the care of your valuable T2 teapot, consult the care guide and follow it forever more.

Can you put a teapot on the stove?

It may be a tea ’pot’ - but even the sturdiest, most dependable T2 teapot is not a pot for the stovetop.

Our exquisite, finely-crafted T2 teapots – even the muscle-bound cast iron ones – are where your favourite loose leaf teas and boiling water go to hang out together while they brew to perfection, but they don’t like to frequent stove tops.

On the other hand, they are more than happy to take pride of place showcasing their exquisite beauty on your benchtops! Showing off to your tea-drinking friends? Yeah, but why not?

Where to buy a teapot?

A beautiful teapot – or two - are treasure troves in your kitchen, creating delicious brews to help you feel revived, restored, replenished and relaxed whenever you need. Your teapot for one is there for your quiet, contemplative moments and your large teapot is the life of the (tea) party when your friends are over. In short, a teapot (or two!) that you simply adore is a kitchen necessity.

Discover the grandest range of teapots at T2 where our international designers create the most stunning teapot collections for you to fall in love with. You can shop online or pop into the sparkling realms of your local T2 store where endless tea-trinkets will inspire you to expand your tea drinking experiences.