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In their words

They might be our T2 people, but these are, and always will be, their stories of Pride.

in their words in their words in their words in their words

Oh, how good it would be,
if we used our ears and mouth proportionally.
Choosing to listen for the purpose of understanding other voices,
rather than indulging in the sound of our own.

What if we championed those who live Pride, every day?
Instead of drowning them out with words contrived for marketing.
And use this stage to celebrate not only how far we have come,
but shine a light on how we must continue to rise — as one.

Through words that we do not call our own,
but people who we are proud to.

These are their stories.

Love, acceptance, and a life changing matcha.

In their words, T2’s own Global Customer Care Manager, Samuel Pitt, celebrates how far we have come and how we must continue to rise — as one.

Standing up for others when they can’t stand up for themselves.

In their words, T2's own Sales Assistant at T2 Tea Brea, Will, celebrates living an unapologetic life without fear today, and how we can all continue to do so, together, tomorrow.

United over our differences whilst we share a cup of tea.

In their words, T2’s own Photographer and Stylist, Adam, reflects on all that has been done, and all there’s still to do.

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