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Brews with Benefits

Brews with Benefits

From familiar friends like lavender and peppermint to quirky newcomers including dandelion, yerba mate and cacao, we’re putting our best brews forward – and they’re all set to pack a positive punch!



Sip on a little nettle for a little spruce up from the inside!


Delicate rose petals offer up endless positivity and peaceful, content vibes.


Keep your tummy feeling tip top with fennel’s healing powers!
“It helps to kick start my metabolism, I am less bloated, and its invigorating flavors wake me up and ready me for the day!” Shop Detox

Sleep Tight

Lemon balm

Lemon balm has all the moves when it comes to sunny dispositions!


Let jasmine kiss all that stress goodbye with its sweetly fragrant and soothing properties.


Calm the soul and settle the senses with a little help from lovely lavender.
“This is my favorite relaxing evening tea. It really helps relax and has a significant impact on my quality of sleep!” Shop Sleep Tight

Tummy Tea


As well as adding natural sweetness, licorice has oodles of restorative perks.


Relax body, mind and soul with this ultra calming and healing herbal.


Peppermint adds plenty of perk, while also settling any tummy trouble.
“I always have a cup after overindulging or feeling nauseous. It is the perfect tea and makes for happy tummies everywhere.” Shop Tummy Tea



Stay at your peak for longer with a little help from our friend ginseng!


Some say hibiscus could be helpful for those who have trouble sleeping.

Juniper berries

Juniper’s here to give your skin a little love, from the inside out!
“Beautifully refreshing. Delicious uplifting tea that perks one up in the afternoon, without the effects of caffeine.” Shop Refresh
Loose Leaf Flavored Green Tea

Wakey Wakey

Rise, shine and backflip out of bed with this supercharged mix of yerba mate, guarana, peppermint and green tea.

Shop Wakey Wakey
Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane


Clean up your act with this mouth-watering combo of dandelion root, coconut, cacao and chicory.

Shop Dandylightful