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Melbourne Breakfast

Over time, our tea collection has grown and evolved with our tea lovers’ palates, but Melbourne Breakfast has always remained a firm favourite on many tea tables.

Way back in the early days of T2, the inception stage for Melbourne Breakfast had us thinking about how we could capture Melbourne’s timeless, unique style in a tea. It had to be a vibrant black tea base, that much we knew. We opted for a mix of Indian black tea, which adds a nice body, and Chinese black tea to impart a smooth sweetness. A spike of vanilla meant it could stand up as a daily favourite, but with just enough versatility to add a little something extra.

It became an instant favourite, with tea lovers all around the country starting their day with a steaming cup of vanilla goodness. And after all these years, nothing’s changed; it’s still the tea many people come into our stores looking for, and still the tea that thousands of tea lovers wake up to.

Flavour profile



1 tsp per cup
100°C / 212°F
2-4 mins

Pair with

Muesli with fruit & yogurt

Available in

Gift Cube, Everyday Tall Tin, Foil Refill, Teabags, Cotton Teabags.

If you prefer your Melbourne Breakfast as is, brew it for less time to let the subtle vanilla shine. If you prefer it with milk, brew for longer.

Get the best out of your Melbourne Breakfast

Melbourne Breakfast is perfect straight up, or with a splash of milk.

  1. Warm your teapot or cup
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of Melbourne Breakfast per cup to your infuser
  3. Fill teapot or cup with boiling water, and add infuser
  4. Brew for 2-4 minutes, then remove infuser
  5. Add milk and sweetener (if desired)