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Sticky Honey Chai

What is Sticky Honey Chai?

Chai lovers, your wildest chai dreams are about to come true! Introducing our Sticky Honey Chai – it’s a sticky sweet beautiful mess of black tea and toasted spices all decadently coated in honey. Simmered on the stove with milk, this sip’s an explosion of sweet spiced flavours that’ll charge up your next chai moment!

What’s the difference between Sticky Honey Chai and regular T2 Chai?

Flavour-wise, both have a different profile – sip up our classic T2 Chai’s intense clove and cardamom notes, or tuck into the extra cinnamon and vanilla in Sticky Honey Chai. Like the super indulgent big sister to T2 Chai, Sticky Honey Chai also has a totally new and definitely decadent texture thanks to the honey and milk-only brewing method. Whichever you go for, they’re both sure to hit the chai spot.

What makes it so good?

We’re hooked on this sticky sweet chai sip, and it’s no surprise. We combined hearty black tea with vanilla and toasted spices then stirred through loads of honey.

Soaking the chai in honey lets all those flavours mingle and mix together, creating an ultra concentrated and cheekily sweet blend.

Black tea

We picked a black tea that’s hearty enough to carry all those spiced flavours and still be able to shine when simmered up with milk.


Apart from sweetness, the honey helps the spices release all their flavour, while also adding smoothness.


Cloves leverage even more flavour into chai, adding loads of aromatics and a little heat, without the chilli factor!


Seriously fragrant with sharp vegetal notes of green spice and pepper, cardamom provides the perfect base for any chai to build on.


Cinnamon adds warmth, and its naturally sweet flavours provide a robust full-body taste without any bitterness or astringency.


Pairs perfectly with both honey and milk, vanilla also adds a slight earthiness to the mix.


Ginger brings plenty of perk to any chai mix, also adding warmth and body.

How to make Sticky Honey Chai

You'll need

  • Sticky Honey Chai
  • Milk of choice

How to

  1. Place 2 teaspoons of Sticky Honey Chai per 250 ml/8.4 fl oz milk of choice in a saucepan and heat, stirring constantly for 5 minutes.
  2. Strain into a cup or mug and serve. To get the smoothest chai sip, strain your Sticky Honey Chai through our Sticky Chai Strainer or use a small kitchen sieve.

Tea tips

  1. For a lighter chai, use an evenly split ratio of milk and water.
  2. Sticky Honey Chai makes for a delightfully thick and creamy chai, so it’s best to use our Sticky Chai Strainer – its wider stainless steel holes are perfect for letting all that chai goodness flow through.