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T2 × Pana Chocolate

At T2, we love taking familiar flavours, turning them on their head and dreaming up new ways to enjoy them.

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There’s always a few bars of Pana Chocolate floating around T2 HQ, and we love that they treat their chocolate the way we treat our tea – with plenty of love, fun and a natural curiosity for experimentation and play. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than a few squares of chocolate alongside your afternoon cuppa – so joining forces with Pana Chocolate was a match made in tea time heaven.

Our tea specialists sat down with the Pana crew and, after loads of tea tasting and sipping, we settled on a few flavours that we were curious to experiment with. The Pana team then went back to the kitchen to play with the combinations. Some flavours translated perfectly from the first bite – Lemongrass & Ginger was an instant all-round fave. Others, like Chai, took a little more time, but we happily held our breath until Pana had nailed that sublime blend of chai spices and fudgy raw choc.

The raw chocolate low down

Unlike conventional chocolate, raw chocolate is made using cacao beans that haven’t been processed using heat.

Kept as close to it natural form, the cacao bean’s nutritional value is much higher – our friends at Pana reckon raw cacao can be up to eight times more potent than regular chocolate!

The perfect bar of Pana Chocolate starts with the best quality cacao beans, which are sun dried, then placed in a low temperature oven to remove the skins and husk. They’re then transferred to a special cold press machine that carefully separates the cacao butter and cacao powder.

Once they reach the Pana Chocolate kitchen, the dry ingredients are combined, while the wet ingredients are gently melted (never above 42 degrees) before it’s all mixed together. They then add all those special flavours like organic fruits, spices and essential oils before transferring the lot to moulds to set in the fridge. They’re then lovingly wrapped by hand before making their way to your tea table!

T2 × Pana Chocolate tea-inspired raw chocolates

Pana Chocolate’s world-famous raw choc takes on a tea-inspired twist!

A tasty interpretation of some iconic T2 teas, Pana Chocolate sipped their way through a few of our fave brews then translated them into four mouth-watering bars of raw chocolate goodness.

Sublime when sipped alongside their namesake teas, these bars are about to take your next tea break to lofty levels of delish.

Berry & Hibiscus

Born to make mouths water. Inspired by our Very Berry Fruitea, rich fudgy cacao is loaded with hidden strawberry and cranberry jewels for a chunky choccy bar with a tart hibiscus tingle at the end!

Liquorice & Mint

An ode to our beloved Liquorice Legs, this bar is all set to be the creamiest choc mint combo that ever landed on your tastebuds! A waft of peppermint and fennel rounds out with a lingering liquorice root sweetness.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Lots of lovely choc gets a hit of fragrant lemongrass and subtle yet distinct ginger. Slightly earthy with a savoury finish, lemongrass is the stand out player in this citrus sensation!


It’s our beloved T2 Chai, perfectly immortalised in a bar of chocolate magic! Heady with cloves, cardamom and star anise with a generous dusting of cinnamon, this sweet, spiced bite is as cosy and comforting as the real deal.

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