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T2 Product

The whole leaf and nothing but the leaf

We travel the earth to find the best quality tea to deliver a delicious cup. From leaf to cup, there are no shortcuts when it comes to delivering a top-quality drop time after time. We use the whole leaf and nothing but the leaf, as well as the best fruits, herbs and flowers we can find.

Every single tea we produce is tested for 450 different compounds and residues to ensure that what ends in your cup is the highest quality tea.

What makes T2 teas a cup above the rest?

We use whole tea leaves rather than low grade tea dust or fannings. This means you get a brew with a complex flavour profile – from the first sip to the last, you'll experience a multitude of flavour notes and subtle changes.

Whole leaves with minimal breakage have retained their essential oils and flavour compounds, meaning you get a cup of tea that actually taste like tea!

Supreme sourcing

We work directly with supplier to develop our own blends from scratch – they're not just the run-of-the-mill blends any tea company can buy, and there could be up to 6 rounds of samples before we settle on a blend we're happy with.

English Breakfast

Each batch of our English Breakfast takes about 2-3 weeks to create – and that's not including the time it takes to harvest and process! Depending on weather patterns, the tea is a blend of 10-15 different estates, blended to perfection to create and maintain our English Breakfast flavour profile. To determine which teas make the cut, between 100-150 cups a day are tasted.

Just Peppermint

Our peppermint is single origin, meaning it comes from one place: The Pacific North West of America. Why? Because it's the best tasting peppermint in the world. Its flavour profile is the freshest, most vibrant and has the highest menthol properties – precisely what our customers love about it. In fact, the mint is so minty that Wrigley's use the same supplier.

Reimagining the traditional art of tea for the modern tea table.

Our very own in-house designers and artists create bespoke teawares designs, drawing inspiration from travel, art and fashion, meaning almost everything from pot to cup has been dreamed up and designed by us. Experimentation and exploration are two of our favourite things, and we love letting our imagination run wild.

We've got a bit of a reputation as an epic gifting destination.

From corporate gifts to Mother's Day surprises and a show-stopping Christmas collection, year after year we show up with solutions to help you say it with tea. Our everyday core gifting range covers every kind of tea lover for every kind of tea moment, from tea packs to all-in-one brewing kits.

We supply more than just the tea and the teapot.

Year after year we bring a range of accessories to market, with a focus on sharing all kinds of ways to brew, store and enjoy your tea. From vibrant storage tins to kooky infusers and clever on-the-go brewing tools, we make sure there's a gadget on offer for every tea lover, so they can brew it their way.

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