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Four poets.
Four stories.

One Invitation to Broaden Your Perspective

At T2, our mission is to celebrate difference to make a difference and unite the world for good.

We are champions of diversity and promote social inclusion and belonging wherever we can to build a more tolerant world.

This week, we are bringing our purpose to life by shining a spotlight on discrimination and unconscious bias to support some of the most socially isolated and vulnerable members of our society.

How we show up in the world for each other has never been so important. Through this campaign, brought to life by some of Australia’s leading Slam Poets, we hope to unlock more self-awareness and encourage tolerance, understanding and acceptance of each other, while we share a cup of tea.

#T2gether is a celebration of the spoken word that unites four slam poets, armed with powerful prose.

These gifted storytellers will tell you about the events that shaped them into the people they are today. Listen to their stories, and help us build a world where everyone can belong.

Celebrating difference to make a difference.

Every day, people are judged by their culture, race, gender, and age. But it takes just a moment over a cup of tea to listen to another’s story and understand their point of view.

This video brings together award-winning poets Jesse Oliver, Eunice Andrada, Anisa Nandaula and Emilie Collyer. Please listen to their powerful stories from the heart and help us build a world free from judgement.

If you are moved by their inspiring words, we ask you take three minutes - the time it takes to make a cuppa - to have a conversation with someone you might not have had. Let’s come together to embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity.

“Being on the streets, you sort of felt like your opinion doesn’t matter and you don’t have a voice… so writing was the only way that I could express myself.”

Jesse Oliver

It’s all about making a connection. Slam Poetry Champion Jesse Oliver has a powerful story that will give you a new perspective.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jesse is best known for his casual conversational style of slam. Throughout his life, writing and performing has always supported him during difficult times. But now, he wants to use his words to open a discussion about his lived experiences of homelessness, gender transition and mental illness. He creates a world of words about his favourite topics such as dreams, aliens, and love.

“When you crack your heart open and you allow it to spill out and someone else feels the need to do so… we become one and we realise all these things that were standing between us were nothing.”

Anisa Nandaula

Let Anisa’s prose be a pathway to a better, kinder world - one full of honesty, vulnerability and empathy.

Champion poet Anisa Nandaula was born in Kampala, Uganda, and moved to Australia at the age of eight. Growing up in Australia, Anisa began to notice the obvious distinctions between the first world country she was living in and the third world country she was born into. The gross difference in living standards was what sparked her passion for social justice, and this passion motivated her to use her voice to articulate her thoughts.

“There are so many different kinds of poets – poets of different colours, ages and cultural backgrounds... I started poetry as an outlet to really just process a lot of the changes that were happening around me.”

Eunice Andrada

It’s amazing when we take the time to really listen. Experience the words of poet Eunice Andrada and challenge your perception of the world.

Eunice is an Australian Filipina poet, journalist, lyricist and teaching artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, CNN International, ABC News and more. She has also performed her poetry on international stages, from the Sydney Opera House and the deserts of Alice Springs, to the United Nations Climate negotiations in Paris. She is passionate about bringing out stories of healing and revisiting the proud history of our diverse past.

“I think poetry can do a lot of different things. For me, it’s an interesting combination of the unexpected and the deeply recognisable.”

Emilie Collyer

#T2gether presents writer, playwright and poet Emilie Collyer. Listen to her story, and be inspired to build a world where there are no barriers to belonging.

Emilie writes plays, poetry, fiction and essays. Her work often asks difficult questions about humanity via the existential or the fantastical. Emilie works as a dramaturg and mentor at Deakin University and the University of Melbourne, Australia. She served on the Green Room Awards Independent Theatre panel for four years (two as co-chair). She is also a founding member of Punctum and New Working Group. Emilie draws on this varied experience to deliver insightful poetry that reveals her unique worldview.