Sweetly Seductive Cinnamon Tea

Drinking cinnamon tea delights the senses with sultry, fragrant aromas and sweetly-spiced flavors tantalizing our tastebuds and seducing our souls with irresistible tea-licious sensations!

What is cinnamon tea?

Revered in ancient times for its potent medicinal properties and endearing aromatics, Ceylon cinnamon tea infuses richly spiced aromatics with complementary flavors to create hot and spicy brews sending warmth flooding from top to toe!

Harvested from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree, cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon powder are potent sources of antioxidants and polyphenols with recognized health benefits.

Cinnamon tea is also a star-studded spice just as compatible with sweet sensations as savory delights. Cinnamon is the support act for many top T2 tea blends, dilly-dallying with the rich and famous like:

  • Hot Date Chai and all the cheerful chai cousins – super sexy and sure to spice things up a bit!
  • Canberra Breakfast and New York breakfast – black tea brews + charismatic cinnamon hints.
  • Carrot Cake – the calorie-free way to have your cake and drink it too.
  • Gingernut Chai – partnered with black tea and ginger to make a perky brew overflowing with zest for life!
  • Apple Crumble – lightly spiced, sweet and juicy, just like grandma used to make!

How do you make cinnamon tea?

As cinnamon shares the billboard with the star of the show, the brewing guide will vary depending on whose name in lights is the brightest, be it a black tea, fruit tea or herbal tea. Recommended brewing times can vary from around 2-7 minutes, and whether your starring brew is best drunk straight up or muddled in with a dribble of milk also depends on the blend.

Irrespective, you should follow the directions on your T2 cinnamon tea bags or loose leaf tea packs using either your favorite T2 teapot, tea mug with infuser or special tea cup to enjoy the perfect cup of cinnamon tea.

Is cinnamon tea good for you?

The health benefits of cinnamon tea have been sung from the rooftops since ancient times! Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, drinking cinnamon tea with milk or without may reduce the risk of many health conditions and diseases, according to some studies.

When should you drink cinnamon tea?

Find cozy comfort in cinnamon tea day or night or better still, both! This cheerful charmer buddies up well amongst black tea blends if you want to spice up your caffeinated kick-start morning cup of tea, and just as well with luscious fruit tisanes like apple teas and herbal teas such as Indian Spice for your caffeine-free ensemble of bedtime brews.

Flavors of cinnamon tea

Like Batman and Robin or Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, cinnamon is the consummate ‘plus one’ when it comes to tea blends, buddying up well with many other flavors whose star would shine less brightly without an infusion of celestial cinnamon.

Along with a few other parties, cinnamon adds its sweetly spiced pungent notes to ginger and cinnamon teas, turmeric and cinnamon teas, cinnamon tea and cloves and luscious orange cinnamon teas for indulgent flavors igniting a spark in your tastebuds.