Master the process with the highest-quality Matcha accessories from T2

To create the perfect cup of green goodness that’s brimming with nutty, naturally sweet flavours and rich, vegetal notes, you need the right Matcha accessories in your kit. Without them, your Matcha risks losing its incredible tasting profile and smooth consistency, so there’s no better time to stock up on Matcha flasks, whisks and bowls from T2. Explore our collection of high-quality utensils online today and enjoy quick delivery directly to your doorstep, so you can brew the perfect cuppa in no time.

The Matcha accessories you need to brew the creamiest cup

Whether you’re a tea-drinking connoisseur who relies on Matcha’s energy-boosting properties or it’s your first time transforming this deep green powder into a cup of smooth and creamy superiority, having the right Matcha accessories in your kitchen will make the entire process speedier and more enjoyable. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few essential tools you’ll need:

  • Matcha whisks

    Traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, T2’s Matcha whisks are handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo split 80 times with dozens of prongs to extract the best flavours.

    A must-have in every tea lover’s brewing kit, our Matcha whisks are designed to blend your powder and water easily while minimising grainy textures and helping you create that frothy layer on top. Our whisks will also help bring out the best-tasting notes and nuanced aromas, as they don’t produce heat or friction that could impact the tea’s blend. While it’s possible to brew Matcha without a whisk, using one will enhance your Matcha's overall texture and taste while enriching your drinking experience.

  • Matcha bowls

    Handmade with the finest quality materials, our collection of Matcha bowls is beautifully hand painted in Lisbon, Portugal. Designed to make the preparation and process easier while extracting the powder’s incredible aromas, our Matcha bowls are a must-have in your morning brewing ritual. The bowl’s broad bottom makes it easy to whisk up a smooth and frothy blend, while the thick sides help prevent the water from spilling. Some of our Matcha bowls also contain foot rings intentionally left unglazed to prevent your powder from moving when it’s being whisked.

  • Matcha flasks

    For those who are busy or need to brew the perfect cup at a moment’s notice, our Matcha flasks make the process that much easier. With a hidden stainless steel whisk inside the flask, you can enjoy your cuppa anytime and anywhere without having to bring your Matcha accessories with you! Sturdy, long-lasting and easy to clean, our Matcha flasks will retain the perfect temperature throughout the day, so you can enjoy a piping hot or iced cold brew whenever the mood strikes.

  • Bamboo Matcha scoops

    A Matcha scoop, also known as a chashaku, is a utensil that’ll help you measure and transfer the precise amount of powder into your Matcha bowl before you use a Matcha whisk to blend it into a creamy and frothy brew. T2’s bamboo Matcha scoops are artfully crafted and carefully carved in Japan, so you can bring traditional elements of Matcha making into your kitchen with every whisk.

Shop Matcha bowls, whisks, flasks and accessories online today

When you invest in T2’s must-have Matcha accessories, you’re guaranteed to create a perfectly smooth, rich and creamy blend every time. Explore our collection of Matcha bowls and whisks, Matcha flasks and bamboo Matcha scoops online today to elevate your morning ritual with premium-quality, easy-to-use utensils. If you’re new to the world of Matcha, check out our helpful guide on how to brew this special blend.

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