Give The Gift Of Tea With A Personal Touch

Looking for extra special gift ideas with a personal touch? Because it’s the thought that counts, customised gifts from T2 are the perfect way to pick and choose tea gifts in customised gift boxes bearing your chosen message.

What is the best personalised gift?

The best personalised gifts are tea gifts given with thought, time and effort. Custom gifts like T2 Pick Your Six tea packs let you do just that. Simply the best personalised gifts for tea lovers or anyone who enjoys a cup of tea, you can choose the six mini cube teas your gift recipient will love and present them in a customised gift box bearing the message of your choice.

Gift Occasions to Give T2 Customised Gifts

When is a suitable occasion to give the gift of tea – asked no-one ever! Tea gifts are perfect for every occasion – because tea is drunk universally around the globe every day in every way!

T2 Pick Your Six tea packs include a selection of black teas, green teas, fruit and herbal tisanes and flavoured teas, which makes them perfectly unique gifts for:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Major milestones

Add that special touch to your gift ideas and choose personalised tea gifts as:

  • Customised gifts for anniversaries – you’ll score (caramel) brownie points for sure!
  • Personalised Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts – what better way to say ‘thanks, I love you’ than with tea?
  • Personalised gifts for grandparents on any occasion – the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you promise to visit and enjoy a cuppa with them.
  • Personalised Easter gifts for hosts, friends or family – don’t forget to include a Hot Choc mini cube in your six-pick at Easter!

What is the best gift to give someone who has everything?

Tea of course! You can shop for great gift ideas online or at your local T2 store, where you’ll find the most gloriously gorgeous array of sparkling teawares to accompany your personally chosen T2 Pick Your Six pack!

Even coffee lovers enjoy a cup of tea, and with so many tealicious tea flavours available at T2 there’s sure to be teas to suit everyone. Remember you can check out which flavoured teas and fruit tisanes make refreshing summertime iced teas too!

How do I customise my gift?

You can choose customised gifts for dad, customised gifts for mum, customised gifts for teens or anyone in several ways:

  1. With T2 Pick Your Six tea packs you can do exactly that – pick the six mini cube teas you think your gift recipient will love and include them in customised gift boxes!
  2. You can select which message best conveys your sentiment and pop your six specially chosen teas into that beautifully presented gift box.
  3. You can opt to give your gift recipient the other-worldly pleasure of visiting an exquisite T2 store (or shopping online of course!) to pick their own gift when you choose personalised gift cards endorsed with your own special message.

Customised gift ideas make that special someone in your life feel… special. So, give the gift of T2 tea customised gifts with a personal touch today!

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