Lordy Lordy, It’s Time For A Cup of Earl Grey Tea!

Best described as bodaciously gracious, traditional Earl Grey tea is your go-to tea when the moment calls for a refined and elegant brew featuring hints of beautiful bergamot with a bold black tea base.

What is Earl Grey tea?

This tea lover’s posh favorite combines fragrant Sri Lankan black tea leaves with sophisticated notes of natural citrusy bergamot for a refined tea-drinking experience.

The highly regarded T2 Earl Grey tea collection includes:

  1. The oh-so-classy classic loose leaf Earl Grey tea brew
  2. The inspired Earl Grey blend infused with fruity florals known as French Earl Grey tea
  3. The right regal Earl Grey Royale which has a wafting smoky aromatic amidst black tea and bergamot tastes

How much caffeine is in Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey tea is a type of fermented black tea harvested from the camellia sinensis plant, so Earl Grey tea does contain caffeine, like all black teas.

The exact amount of caffeine in Earl Grey tea and all black, green and white teas can vary from a splish-splash to a splosh! Natural caffeine levels are influenced by things like which region the camellia sinensis plant is grown in, the amount of rainfall that area receives, and the nitty-gritty’s of the harvesting and fermentation processes.

If you’re after the biggest wake up jolt to kick-start your day, enjoy that morning cup of coffee. Or, you can replace coffee with a healthy get-up-and-go nudge from black tea, oolong, puerh, green tea and white tea – all containing varying amounts of caffeine but with less punch than coffee.

Is Earl Grey tea healthy?

All hail ye humble cup of tea for all types of tea provide oceans of good-for-you feels!

The health benefits of Earl Grey tea are mighty! Earl Grey tea contains oodles of antioxidants including catechins, flavonoids and polyphenols which studies say may help to reduce the risk of:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity
  4. High blood pressure
  5. High blood sugar and cholesterol levels

What does Earl Grey tea taste like?

Fans of Earl Grey loose leaf teas and Earl Grey tea bags describe the heavenly taste as ‘smooth’, ‘full of floral notes’ and displaying a ‘lovely fragrance.’ Earl Grey is big on alluring aromatics. It has a distinct perfume and notable bergamot accents which lilt and lightly linger on the tongue for a truly exclusive tea drinking experience.

How do you make Earl Grey tea?

If you are making a cup of loose leaf Earl Grey tea or using an Earl Grey teabag:

  1. Prepare your gorgeous T2 teapot, trusty teamaker, or tea mug with infuser with just one scoop of Earl Grey loose leaf tea per cup (or one teabag) for the black tea and bergamot flavors are not faint.
  2. Add boiling water at 100°C, and note the recommended steeping time of 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour from the teapot or teamaker into your most elegant T2 teacup – or remove the tea bag - or remove the infuser from your T2 mug with infuser.
  4. Inhale the heavenly aromas and enjoy your cup of Earl Grey tea with milk – just a dainty dash - or take it straight-up black if you prefer!