It’s Time To Stop And Smell The Rose Tea

We delight in the natural beauty of a glorious rose, its rich and sensuous bouquet, the velvety feel and the exquisite formation of its perfect petals. But did you know that a fragrant rose brings as much joy to a teapot as it does to a vase?

What is rose tea?

A rose tea by any other name would smell – and taste – as sweet! Delicately fragranced rose infused tea is a blooming good drop made from dried rose petals and rosehips.

Rose tea is a caffeine free floral tisane, so dried rose tea leaves are a welcome infusion in some Sleep Teas along with traditional sleep tea faves like Chamomile tea. Within the T2 Wellness range you’ll find rosy notes drifting gently through sleep teas like:

  1. Sleep Tight
  2. The Dreamer
  3. Sweetest Dreams
  4. Nighty Night

Always the show-stopper, dried rose tea flowers and rosehips flourish in the company of other tea leaves so you’ll find them deep-tea-diving in the company of:

  1. Black teas such as French Earl Grey
  2. Green teas like Green Rose
  3. Fruit tisanes such as Boho Rose
  4. White teas like White Rose

What are the benefits of rose tea?

For something displaying such delicate beauty, a rose packs a surprising punch when harvested to become a luscious cup of rose tea.

Oodles of health benefits might just be floating around in a cup of rose tea. Rose tea contains bunches of plant-powered vitamins A, C and E, essential minerals such as iron and calcium, and antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and phytonutrients.

Dried rose tea leaves also add calming notes to sleepy-time brews, littering the pathway to the land of nod with rosy hues. And always one to share the love, rose tea might also share its blossoming beauty as we know vitamins C and E do wonders for our skin.

How do you make rose tea?

Brew a sweetly scented cup of rose tea in your brew-tiful T2 teapot, favourite T2 tea mug with infuser, or even your trusty T2 teamaker.

Rose tea brings eloquence and elegance to many different tea blends, so it’s important to follow the brewing guidelines on the pack. Whether you’re making a pure rose tea or a rose tea blend you’ll see differences in the brewing times and temperatures, eg:

  1. Just Rose is one of the few loose teas made purely from rose buds with no other florals joining this bouquet! Just Rose is best brewed at 100°C for between five and seven minutes.
  2. Green Rose tea bags and loose leaf tea along with White Rose loose tea get a little prickly if you pop them into hot water, preferring to take their dip at 80° Green Rose takes the plunge for two to three minutes, while White Rose lingers for between four and six minutes.
  3. Earl Grey is bursting with blossoming rosy glows, their spirits not dampened by two to three minutes in 100°C hot water.

Can you drink rose tea every day?

With gorgeous dried rose tea colours flitting flirtatiously about in black teas, green teas, white teas, fruit, herbal and floral tisanes, how can you resist a heavenly cup of hot rose tea or iced tea every day?