If you’re a tea lover or just beginning your tea journey, why not treat yourself to our enchanting selection of tea mugs? At T2, we pay close attention to all the intricate details and designs that make our mugs special.

Unveiling our exquisite collection of tea mugs with infusers

Elevate your next tea-drinking experience with our divine collection of tea infuser mugs, with a myriad of designs to suit your taste. Let’s take a closer look at our wonderful range on offer:

  • Keep it nice and simple with our glass mugs

    If you prefer a tea mug that’s a little more understated, we have just the thing. Our Hammered Glass Double Wall Mug is handblown and hand-pressed to provide the most intriguing detailing for a unique twist on the traditional tea mug. Its double walls will keep your tea warmer for longer and remain cool to the touch so you can fully enjoy your tea piping hot. It's also dishwasher and microwave-safe for your convenience.

    For a pop of colour, our Twist N Sip Glass Mug is available in teal or pink. Sip from this tea mug while you’re in your garden or patio and watch this tea set truly come to life when caught in the light, creating a veil of iridescent pink or teal. Or, if you have more eccentric taste, our Bubble Glass Mug Pink makes for a playful addition to your tea cabinet. Its bubble-like effect is an all-round favourite.

  • Travel around the world with our tea mugs

    Our in-house designers and artists are proud to create a bespoke collection of teaware designs that draw inspiration from where our tea comes from.

    Our Moroccan Tealeidoscope Black Generous Mug has bright, bold colours and shapes inspired by vibrant Morocco with 24k gold details. What better way to enjoy a Melbourne Breakfast tea than with our Iconic Melbourne Breakfast Mug with Infuser? Painted by our in-house artist, this fine bone china tea mug commemorates Melbourne attractions like Flinders Railway Station and Luna Park.

    Are you a French Earl Grey fan? You can’t miss our Iconic French Earl Grey Mug with Infuser that’s a pretty purple, with charming designs of the Eiffel Tower and French poodles for that ooh-la-la moment!

  • Embrace flower power

    Our nature-inspired tea mugs feature all your favourite flowers. Our Luscious Protea Pretty Mug has bursts of pink and purple to light up any coffee table with flowers that will bloom all year round. Meanwhile, our Boxed Bing Bang Bloom Mug is inspired by local Melbourne flowers and is brimming with orange and pink petals for a colourful addition to your day.

  • And more!

Enjoy a symphony of flavours with exclusively designed mugs at T2

At T2, each of our tea mugs is designed in-house with exceptional attention to detail. They’re made from top-quality materials to keep your tea cool or hot for longer. Expand your tea cabinet further and browse our entire range of teaware, including teapots, cup and saucer sets and tea mugs with infusers. Need help or have any questions about our products? Contact our team, who would be delighted to assist.


How do I clean tea-stained mugs?

To clean tea-stained mugs, fill the mug with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then scrub the stains with a sponge or a brush. Rinse thoroughly with water. If stains persist, make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to the stains, scrub and rinse. Repeat, if necessary, until the stains are gone.

How many mls are in a tea mug?

A standard tea mug typically holds around 250 to 350 ml of liquid. However, larger mugs can hold up to 500 ml or more. Check the “Capacity” section of your tea mug specifications online to see its size.

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