Great Gift Ideas For Students

Looking for a little gift with a big impact? Discover a sensational range of gift ideas for students of all ages for all sorts of occasions at T2. Our coolest collection of trendy teawares, teas and tea accessories will surely be show-stoppers at the trendiest tea party in town!

What are the best gifts for students?

Students can be a finicky bunch but buying T2 gifts for students is a sure-fire success! Stop gallivanting about town searching for great gift ideas because at T2 we have the perfect gifts for the following occasions:

  • Christmas gifts, Easter gifts and birthday gifts for kids
  • End of year gifts for students from teachers
  • Graduation gifts for students
  • First day of school gifts
  • Back to school gifts
  • Farewell gifts for students
  • ‘Well done on your school report’ gifts
  • ‘Just because’ gifts!

Tea gifts large and small are gorgeous gifts that keep on giving. They’re ultra cool while being comforting, convenient and classy.

Gift ideas for different ages

Giving T2 tea gifts will make ‘happy little vegemites’ as the Aussie saying goes, out of all kids. If you need gifts for kids and high school students, gifts for young adults or gifts for university students, you’ll find some tea-rrific options and fantastic designs online and instore at a T2 near you, including:

  1. Double walled glass and stainless steel tea flasks and tea bottles perfect for all students.
  2. Iced tea jugs – delish summer fun for teens, young adults and university students!
  3. Tea glasses and tumblers are what all the cool kids use for both tea and coffee!
  4. Tea latte packs – super creamy sipalicious tea lattes in 10 pack gift boxes.
  5. Tea packs in flavours kids love, like apple tea, creamy vanilla teas or sweet teas and hot chocolatey teas.
  6. Reusable travel cups for environmentally concerned students.
  7. Little Sippers mugs for younger kids.
  8. T2 subscriptions - great gifts for young adults and university students who love their tea!

What do you give a teenager for their birthday?

Teenage girls and boys can be tricky to buy for. They know what they like and more importantly, what they don’t! Trendy gifts for teenagers who like tea include:

Gifts for students doing remote learning / distance learning

Kids all over the world have been doing it tough in recent times, whether learning physically at school or remotely. Personalised gifts for students help to bring us closer while being physically apart, so try sending customised gifts that really show you’re thinking of them.

The failsafe option that all teenage girls and boys love is a T2 digital gift card so they can have some fun choosing their own T2 gift.

The Icon Collection Gift Pack – World Of Breakfast might be a tasty way to remind students that the world is still out there to explore!