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Lose yourself in our world of tea

Tea types

With over 100 teas available, we’ve got your beloved favourites as well as unexpected flavours so there’s something for every taste.

Black Tea

Sip, slurp and discover our boldest, heartiest teas. Everything from classic drops to experimental flavours add oomph to teatime.

Black Tea

Green Tea

Glorious greens hailing from China and Japan – taste a tantalising landscape of timeless traditions and far-out flavours.

Green Tea

Herbal & Floral Tea

A collection of flowers, fruits, herbs and spices combine into some of our most deliciously wholesome blends. Naturally caffeine free.

Herbal & Floral Tea


Originally from India, chai is a fragrant mix of black tea and cosy spices typically simmered with milk and sweetened with honey.


Rooibos & Honeybush Tea

A hearty, caffeine-free swap for black tea, rooibos is a rich, coppery and fragrant brew hailing from South Africa.

Rooibos & Honeybush Tea


We travel the earth to find the best quality ingredients for a delicious cup. With over 100 teas, discover the ingredients we use to bring you a world of flavours.

Two fresh peppermint leaves kissing

Fresh • Minty • Clean

Enjoy a natural energy lift with peppermint menthol brightness. Our high-quality peppermint adds a genuine minty experience.

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A Single peice of ginger

Warming • Spiced • Fragrant

Ginger delivers perkiness and warmth. We use it to give our chai blends an edge, or to create healing wellness blends.

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A single chamomile flower

Sweet • Floral • Herby

Nature’s ultimate soother, chamomile adds a subtle floral sweetness to our most Zen-inducing blends.

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Stalk of lemongrass

Fresh • Bright • Citrus

Explore a collection of tisanes sprinkled with the citrussy, uplifting notes of lemongrass.

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A single peice of fennel

Sweet • Aniseed • Warming

A sprinkle of fennel in our digestive and detox blends to cleanse and add a subtle, sweet liquorice twist.

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A single rose

Floral • Light • Sweet

More than just a pretty face, rose adds a breath of delicate sweetness and calm to every blend

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A single cocoa pod

Chocolatey • Earthy • Bitter

Taste the velvety, rich satisfaction of teas laced with cocoa. From bean to husk, cocoa adds a lush chocolatey edge.

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A single apple hanging from a branch

Sweet • Fruity • Crisp

At the core of many of our fruit tisanes, apple adds a balanced sweetness that helps the other ingredients shine.

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A single peice of turmeric

Spice • Earthy • Pungent

Enjoy the spiced, earthy notes of this golden child with a long list of healing benefits to boot.

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Lavender fronds

Floral • Herbaceous • Fragrant

Breathe a sigh of relief with serene herbal tisanes speckled with pretty purple lavender flowers.

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