Does jasmine tea have caffeine?

While jasmine’s sweetly-scented fragrance has been known to flirt with serious partners in a base of white tea leaves and black tea leaves, they are more commonly entwined in the warm embrace of a green tea leaves base, so no matter whose company jasmine tea chooses to mingle with, it is going to contain caffeine. Why? Because all teas except for herbal and fruit tisanes originate from the camellia sinensis plant - which contains caffeine.

That said, if you want a sneaky night time brew with less caffeine than coffee, black tea, white tea or oolong tea, you’ll find the less-oxidised, slightly-caffeinated jasmine green tea a tealicious option.

Is jasmine tea good for you?

The delicate flavour of pure jasmine tea belies nature’s deep-rooted abundant goodness flowing through green tea leaves via powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols and catechins.

Naturally organic green tea fragranced with jasmine blossoms is the perfect way to drink green and stay lean. It contains no unhealthy ingredients, so when you opt for jasmine tea brewing you’re creating a cuppa filled with subtle sweetness, needing no added milk or sugar.

Some studies suggest the benefits of jasmine tea in a green tea base may extend to positive impacts on mental as well as physical wellbeing, but why not get sipping and see for yourself?

What does jasmine tea taste like?

Jasmine scented loose leaf tea – widely drunk throughout China and Asia – shows off subtly sweet notes flirting with a fragrant floral flavour.

Infused with irresistibly intoxicating aromas, our jasmine scented teas offer notable differences. Buddhas Tears loose leaf scented green tea is described as ‘a delicate and beautiful light infusion with an ethereal jasmine aroma’ while China Jasmine is ‘light yellow infusion with a delicate jasmine scent’ and White Monkey Jasmine is ‘a pale, clear infusion with a hint of green tea allowing jasmine to shine through.’

Which flowering jasmine tea brew will be your cup of tea?

Does jasmine tea help you sleep?

If you suffer from less than adequate sleep, you may be green with envy in the face of those who sleep well. Still, there are relaxing Wellness Teas filled with simple herbs to gently lift you onto a wafting cloud headed for the land of nod which will better assist healthy sleep than jasmine tea.

That said, jasmine tea is a lightweight in the caffeine department so as the perfect accompaniment to Asian food, jasmine tea is a beautiful during-or-after-dinner cuppa.

How do you make jasmine tea?

A luscious cup of jasmine scented loose leaf tea can be brewed in a stunning T2 teapot, a trusty T2 teamaker, or directly in your delightful T2 tea infuser mug.

Gregarious yet gracious, the best jasmine tea is brewed at 80°C but the brewing time varies so follow the brewing guide on the pack. White Monkey takes a dip for 1-3 minutes; China Jasmine will spend 2-3 minutes lingering in the deep end, while Buddhas Tears goes for a slow lap session spending 8-10 minutes in the water.

The important part of making jasmine tea is in the slow, sensational sipping once your tea is brewed – it must be done with a long “aahhhhh” as you relax and lose yourself in this aromatic infusion!

So what are you waiting for? Shop our healthy and delicious range of Jasmine teas online or in store today.