How much caffeine is in tea?

Aside from herbal teas and floral tisanes, many types of tea are harvested from camellia sinensis tea plants which contain caffeine but the caffeine levels in tea varies depending on:

  1. The region in which the tea plant is grown.
  2. The amount of rainfall the tea plant receives.
  3. Specific harvesting processes.
  4. Varied processing and fermenting times and methods.

As it is fully fermented for the longest time of all types of tea, black tea wins with the award for the highest caffeine content in tea, closely followed by oolong, green tea and white tea.

What types of tea have caffeine?

Coffee is tops for caffeine-fuelled morning energy boosts, but tea drinkers can jet-propel their floating boats with:

Do different teas have different amounts of caffeine?

They certainly do. Each type of tea is harvested, fermented and processed differently so the caffeine in tea types varies quite a lot.

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