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Introducing: our white teas. Soft and delicate in taste, white teas are the least processed of all our teas, they are picked, withered and then dried. Tea tip: these teas can be re-brewed several times.

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White tea has a gentle and delicate flavour profile that’s characterised by lingering floral notes and grassy or vegetal undertones that add a touch of freshness. Whether you like your cuppa piping hot or over ice with a dash of honey, you’ll find your new favourite brew in T2’s expansive selection. Explore our white tea range online to discover subdued and nuanced blends tea drinkers can’t get enough of — and enjoy free delivery across Australia on all orders over $50.

What is white tea?

Known for its delicate flavour profile and light colour, white tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant — the same plant used to produce other types of tea like green, black and oolong tea. However, its unique processing method sets white tea apart from the rest.

To make white tea, the leaves and buds are carefully plucked in the early spring when they’re young and covered in fine white or silver-coloured hairs — these give white tea its name. The leaves are picked before fully opened and undergo minimal processing to preserve their natural shade and flavour characteristics.

The traditional method of making white tea usually involves the following steps:

  1. Withering - The freshly picked tea leaves and buds are dispersed onto trays or bamboo mats to wither. This allows the leaves to lose moisture so they become more pliable.
  2. Drying - Traditionally, the withered leaves are dried in natural sunlight or using low-temperature methods like air-drying. This step helps to halt oxidation and preserve the tea's delicate flavours and unique appearance.
  3. Sorting and grading - After the drying process is complete, the leaves are sorted and graded based on their quality. The sorting process separates the leaves and buds into different categories, with the youngest and most tender buds being the highest grade.
  4. Packing - Once sorted and graded, white tea is packed and prepared for distribution. It may be packaged as loose-leaf white tea or added to tea bags.

The minimal processing and careful handling of white tea help retain its delicate flavours and natural sweetness. The result? A mild and smooth flavour that lacks the strong bitterness or astringency of other teas.

While you may find brews that deliver a hint of sweetness — often described as akin to delicate honey or nectar — other varieties contain vegetal notes that add to their unique flavour profile.

Explore T2’s white tea collection to discover refined and delicate blends

  • White Rose Loose Leaf tea

    Offering a gentle and refined sipping experience, this white tea is cherished by tea enthusiasts for its captivating flavours that deliver a clean and refreshing finish. Infused with delicate rose petals, this tea has floral notes that blend smoothly with a hint of honey-like sweetness, transporting you to a serene garden filled with fresh, blooming flowers. The perfect nightcap, this white tea blend is exceptionally smooth, imparting a sense of tranquillity and relaxation with every sip.

  • White White Cocoa Loose Leaf tea

    If you love creamy and serenely sweet flavours that offer a nutty and toasty finish, indulge in our best-selling White White Cocoa tea. This blend combines the subtle creaminess of white tea with the rich, velvety flavours of cocoa, delivering a gentle and delicate sweetness as the creamy notes of white tea unfold with each sip.

    With a smooth and mellow foundation, the cocoa flavours shine through without overpowering the delicate nuances of the tea. This best-selling blend is a must-have for tea lovers looking to enjoy a comforting and indulgent experience.

  • White Peach Spritz Cold Brew

    When the temperature rises, swap steaming hot cuppas for a refreshing ice-cold brew and enjoy a peachy-perfect blend that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This delicious brew delivers a rich golden hue, while the fruit's natural sweetness and slightly tart twist are beautifully balanced with the delicate and refined nature of white tea. Brew in cold water for a refreshing beverage or as a delicious base for something a touch stronger.

Ready to indulge in the whisper of white tea? Shop T2’s range today

With a mild and gentle flavour profile, white tea delivers a delicate and captivating aroma bursting with fragrant notes of fresh blooms, honey and fresh vegetation. With minimal processing that preserves the blend’s natural flavour, it’s less heavy and astringent than other teas, allowing for a mild and refreshing sipping experience.

Explore T2’s collection of white tea online today to discover a brew you can enjoy your way. Once you’ve found the perfect blend, follow our guide to learn how to brew tea with a teapot or make the process even easier when you’re on the go with our portable tea infusers and tea strainers. For more sweet, savoury, earthy and unique blends that pack a punch, check out T2’s entire tea collection.


Does white tea have caffeine?

Yes, white tea contains caffeine, although the amount varies depending on the blend and brewing method. However, white tea generally contains a lower amount of this stimulant than coffee and other types of tea, like green or black tea.

Can you add milk to white tea?

While there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy white tea, adding milk may overpower the delicate flavours and delectable aroma. If you add milk, use a small amount and opt for a lighter, unsweetened variety to avoid masking the nuanced flavours of this unprocessed brew. Either way, you can experiment and find the best combination that suits your taste preferences.

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