Meet your perfect match! Matcha green tea is the queen of greens when it comes to goodness. Whisk up frothy organic matcha lattes or add matcha powder to smoothies for an extra boost.

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Find the perfect match for you in the Matcha green tea collection at T2. Known for its high levels of antioxidants and helping to promote various health benefits, Matcha is the tea choice for those who seek the ultimate drink for vitality and wellness. Explore our incredible range of Matcha teas today to find the cup of green goodness that is just right for you.

Your perfect Matcha is right here

At T2, we understand that green is good and strive to deliver the finest collection of Matcha tea and accessories from around the world. Coming as a finely ground powder, Matcha delivers a bold yet delicate vegetal taste that has the potential to provide all the health benefits of regular green tea and more.

Matcha explained

Matcha tea is a powdered form of green tea known for its unique flavour and potential health benefits. Instead of steeping tea leaves in hot water (as is the most common practice worldwide), Matcha is made by whisking powdered high-grade green tea leaves in water to create a beautiful green beverage that offers a delightful sipping experience.

Where does Matcha come from?

Tea has been a precious trading commodity worldwide for centuries and has firm roots in Chinese, Japanese and Indian herbal medicine. While China initially adopted the practice of grinding green tea leaves, the Japanese continued and refined the tradition, ultimately delivering Matcha tea to the world.

Sustainably sourced and ethically produced

Matcha is made using the highest-grade green tea leaves as the base ingredient. At T2, we like to know where every single one of our teas hails from, and we support the sustainable growth and ethical production of all of our teas. We proudly offer 100% Certified Organic Matcha tea, which is the best of the best when it comes to going green.

How to brew the perfect cup of Matcha tea

The brewing of Matcha tea has served as an important part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for many years, and there is truly an art in creating the perfect cup. This is a process that has been refined and perfected over many years to deliver you the deliciousness you experience from this lovely green brew every time you take a sip.

Locate the best base ingredients

To put together the best Matcha tea, you must first begin with the base ingredients. The Matcha powder you choose can have the most significant impact on the finished product, so it’s important to ensure that you are beginning the process with a high-quality Matcha green tea to get the best quality finish.

Get the temperature just right

Matcha should not be brewed at boiling point. Since it is a green tea base, temperate water is best to bring out the subtle flavours that make Matcha such a popular beverage. Eighty degrees Celcius is the recommended temperature. This can be achieved with a tea kettle that can be set to specific temperatures, by adding 20% cold water to a boiling cup of water or by letting boiling water cool before adding your Matcha powder into the mix.

Whisk to perfection

The art and the ceremony behind Matcha green tea are what make it one of our favourites. Combining the powder with the water is a delicate step and should be done using a specific Matcha whisk in an M shape until a lovely green froth appears on top of your beverage.

A tea with a long history

Matcha tea has been around for centuries, aiding in wellness and digestion while playing an important cultural role. So, do your body a favour and take your tea drinking to the next level with the all-around goodness that comes with every cup of Matcha you sip. Browse the Matcha collection available at T2 today.

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