Glass Tea Cups – Clear Winners!

Get with the groove for tea glasses, glass tea tumblers and glass tea cups are what the cool kids now use to enjoy a hot cup of tea! Double walled insulation keeps your tea toasty hot but won’t burn your hands, while trusted borosilicate glass makes them tough enough to handle hot water and ice!

Can you drink tea in a glass?

Specially designed in durable tempered glass with double walled insulation, glass tumblers, tea glasses and glass cup and saucer sets like our Classier Glassier Cup & Saucer are ultimately stylish tea drinking vessels. Really, it’s clear to see that double walled glass tea cups are showing off your favourite tea brews in purely unadulterated, transparently classy glassy style!

What are glass tea cups made of?

Our gorgeous glass tea cups and tea tumblers are made of tough borosilicate glass so they won’t crack under the strain of a hot cup of tea. Also, the perfect tea vessels for enjoying a refreshing cup of iced tea, the double walled insulation means your iced tea drink will stay icy cold on a sweltering day.

Tea glasses and tea tumbler designs

Our range of tea glasses and glass tea tumblers display iconic T2 style in a selection of tinted shades, sizes, designs and textures:

  • Crystal clear glasses and beautiful tints such as amber, grey, teal, soft pink and charcoal.
  • Exciting textures and designs like honeycomb, diamond, hammered and indented.
  • Small and large sizes spanning 280ml, 300ml, 340ml and 400ml capacity.

Does tea taste better in a glass cup?

Your preferred tea drinking vessel is a personal thing, with your options including:

  • Fine bone china
  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware
  • Borosilicate glass

Some tea drinkers love their fine bone china tea cups – the finer the better! Others like a hearty mug of bold black tea in a solid and dependable stoneware mug. Glass tea cups and tea tumblers let you enjoy the tea drinking experience in all its glory, with the rich tea tones on display for visual as well as gustatory enjoyment.

Where can you buy glass tea cups and tumblers?

It’s easy to browse our beautiful selection of tea glasses and glass tea tumblers online and have your chosen favourite delivered to your door. When you can pop the kettle on and shop gorgeous glass teawares in the comfort of your own home, it’s a leisurely experience.

But wow, if you haven’t visited your nearest T2 treasure trove-come-heavenly-haven of all things tea-related, then you haven’t lived! Your local T2 store has an out-of-this-world ambience – a glittering and glamourous display of exquisite teawares, fabulous tea gifts, must-have tea accessories and endless boxed loose leaf teas and tea bags for you to explore.

Check out how the smooth curves of the tea glasses and glass tea tumblers fit snuggly into your hands and imagine cosying up to the gentle warmth and aromatic infusions of your favourite tea in a gorgeous glass tea cup on a chilly winter’s day.

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