If you want to steep the hippest of sips your luscious loose leaf tea brews need a partner in crime – the best teapot in the whole wide world! You’ll love the socks off our sensational teapot collections – filled to the brim with perky teapots for solo sipping, solid and stoic teapots for serious slurpers, and gorgeously glam teapots for those who like to steep in style!

What are teapots made of?

Take your afternoon tea parties up a notch with unbelievably stunning designs brought to life by our international artists with the coolest creative collabs. Our cute but mighty teapot creations are pinky-finger perfect in fine bone china designs that make you go aahhhhhh even before the tea is made!

Finicky tea drinkers who like to keep a close eye on things love the crystal-clear clarity of our borosilicate glass teapots while the green tea traditionalists find our solid and dependable cast iron teapots never let them down.

How do teapots work?

Many of our teapots boast a stainless steel infuser, so you simply warm the teapot with a little hot water, discard it then add a scoop of loose leaf tea per cup into the infuser within the teapot. Pop the lid on and wait the recommended brewing time, before pouring directly into your cups of tea.

If you don’t have a teapot with a tea infuser you can put your loose leaf tea directly into the teapot then pour the tea into the teacups through a tea strainer.

How to clean teapots?

Our treasure trove of teapots each include a care guide advising how to take individual care of your precious fine bone china, porcelain, borosilicate glass or cast iron teapot.

Japanese teapots made from cast iron just need a rinse and a wipe with a soft cloth – tough they may be but they’re not deemed dishwasher safe.

Strangely some of the delicate porcelain and fine bone china teapots claim to be ok with a bit of swish and swizzle in the dishwasher but not all - so check the care instructions to be sure.

We see right through the snazzy borosilicate glass teapot’s claims to be as tough as nails, and because we love them, we pop them into the handwashing pile – better safe than sorry!

Are cast iron teapots safe?

Super strong, authentic cast iron teapots make valuable collector’s items, able to be passed down through the family as a bit on a tea lover’s family heirloom. In fact, that’s exactly what Japanese tea drinkers have done for generations! Cast iron teapots are safe to use and contain no harmful chemicals.

Where to buy teapots?

Bursting with adorable teapots, teawares, tea trinkets and of course the best tea in the world, T2 is a treasure trove of tea delights. Exquisite special edition and iconic T2 teapot designs and tea set collections from our crafty collaborators will take pride of place in your kitchen. Find your favourite and fall in love with pretty florals, groovy geometrics, lively animal prints and so much more!

Pop on the kettle while you shop online in the safety of your own home, or visit your local T2 store for a sensory experience where everything tea will blow your socks off in stunning style!