Travel Cups For On-The-Move Sips!

T2 travel cups are designed for taking your top tea sips wherever you go! On the move, out and about or even at work these double wall, vacuum insulated travel cups let you hit the road with your tea in tow.

What is a travel cup?

How do I love thee travel cup? Let me count the ways:

  1. Travel cups are life savers. When stuck on the sidelines at my child’s footy game, a stainless steel travel cup with a steaming hot brew keeps me going!

  1. Running late for work and stuck in traffic? How glad am I that by my side is my trusty insulated tea mug filled to the brim with a beau-tea-ful breakfast tea.

  1. Small and humble travel cups are also planet savers. My reusable travel cup for tea and coffee reduces my consumption of single use cups, making my brew that much sweeter.

  1. Shiny bright travel mugs are smooth, sleek and safe and I have a choice of gorgeous colours.

How do travel mugs keep heat in?

When it’s time to lock the heat in and keep the cold out, these high performers are technically superior in the toughest conditions. Their hardened bodies are made with stainless steel, boasting thermal insulation via internal vacuum glass seals.

Cool design includes anti-leaking rings, gaskets and PET lids all working as a team to retain the soul-soothing warmth of a hot cup of loose leaf tea – or a teabag brew, if that’s what floats your tea leaves.

Did you know travel mugs have more than one skill to their name? Possibly famous for being such hot stuff, they’re actually pretty cool characters too. Also known as an iced tea travel cup, on hot summer days you can keep your cool drinks icy cold in an iced tea travel mug or cup!

What are the best travel mugs and cups?

T2 travel cups for tea and iced tea drinks are the best teawares tools for on-the-go tea drinking! The double wall insulation keeps hot and cold drinks just perfect for hours on end.

What is the difference between a travel cup and a tumbler?

T2 travel cups and tumblers groove to different tunes.

  1. T2 travel mugs and tea flasks are made of stainless steel with double wall insulation. The travel cups with lids are designed to be reusable cups for on-the-move tea drinking.

  1. T2 tumblers also boast double wall insulation, but they are super cool and stylish borosilicate glass drinkware not equipped to accompany you on your daily travels outside of the home.

Visit your local T2 store to browse the magnificent range of travel cups for tea lovers and exciting teawares collections including:

Benefits of reusable cups

Reusable cups help us to save the environment by reducing the use of single-use cups. There are less materials used to make them and less land-fill occupied than if we used single use cups for every on-the-go cuppa.

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