Smooth, Sweet, Velvety Vanilla Tea Goes Down a Treat!

Creamy tea treats in our vanilla tea collection glide across the tongue for a soothing brew tinged with subtle honeyed sweetness.

What is vanilla tea?

Natural vanilla flavours are a scrumptious addition to black teas and rooibos teas, creating sweet tea flavours with legs! The perfect vanilla tea blends the soulful essence of gentle vanilla notes with bold tea flavours to create a finely balanced, smooth brew.

Vanilla accents sashay their way through some of our most popular black tea blends, such as:

  1. New York Breakfast Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea - also available in teabags.
  2. Melbourne Breakfast Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea and teabags
  3. Madagascan Vanilla Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea – black tea infused with va-va-voom vanilla tea tastes!

What are the benefits of tea with vanilla?

Natural vanilla is an expensive spice extracted from the seeds of the vanilla bean which grows in pod formation on the vines of the vanilla plant. This lush and leafy tropical plant is most commonly found in Mexico, Madagascar and Tahiti. Ooh la la! That makes vanilla seem much more exotic and less… well, less vanilla!

The benefits of vanilla tea include:

  • The ability to use vanilla extract as a natural sweetener to replace sugar
  • The calming and relaxing effect obtained from the flavour and the aroma of vanilla scented tea
  • High levels of antioxidants which studies show may lessen the risk of certain diseases

Can you add vanilla flavour to tea?

The T2 tea-making gurus have done it for you! They’ve added scrumptious vanilla vibes to certain teas to create brew-tiful bold blends with melodious vanilla hints. Vanilla is the perfect addition to:

  • Crème Brulee – dessert in a teacup boasting black tea caressed by vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts for a sweet and slightly nutty drop!
  • Gingernut Chai Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea – a hot-to-trot spicy chai vanilla tea with cool, calm and collected vanilla creating the perfect balance with black tea, ginger, orange and cardamon flavours.

How do you make tea with vanilla?

The brewing time and temperature for vanilla tea depends on the company vanilla tea keeps. The best vanilla tea and black tea blends brew for 2-4 minutes at 100°C but Honey Vanilla Loose Leaf Flavoured Honeybush Tisane, grown in similar regions to the African rooibos tea, likes to paddle about for 3-5 minutes.

Use vanilla tea bags or brew loose leaf vanilla tea in a tea mug with infuser, a teapot with infuser, a trendy T2 tea maker or a normal teapot before pouring into a teacup via a tea strainer

  1. Add one scoop of loose leaf vanilla tea and boiled water at the recommended temperature to your tea making vessel.
  2. Steep the vanilla tea for the recommended time.
  3. Pour the tea into your tea-drinking vessel, add a splash of milk and sweetener if required, and enjoy the creamy smooth vanilla tea tastes!

Do vanilla teas have caffeine?

Vanilla teas fused with black tea leaves do have caffeine because black tea is harvested from the camellia sinensis plant which naturally contains caffeine. But any pure vanilla teas or vanilla teas which are herbal, floral or fruit tisanes like Honey Vanilla Loose Leaf Tisane are caffeine free!

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