Limited Edition Teas.

Dive into the exciting collection of T2 limited edition teas! These newbie brews are specially-crafted blends bursting with unprecedented tea tastes for tea-loving explorers.

What are T2’s limited edition teas?

T2 limited edition teas are an adventure in a teacup! These are our rare teas, and exclusive selection.

You’ll love our award-winning collection of limited edition teas, they’ll take your everyday cuppa and turn it on its head.

What is the best quality tea?

We pride ourselves on serving up the finest quality teas. We travel the earth to find the best quality tea to deliver a delicious cup. From leaf to cup, there are no shortcuts when it comes to delivering a top-quality drop time after time.

Our limited edition teas showcase unique tea flavours. T2 fans love to quench their thirst with popular tea blends such as:

Of course there are many more exclusive teas in our limited editions – they come, they go and they change like the autumn leaves - but they always surprise and delight with their exciting flavours.

Are there unique tea flavours?

Unique green tea? Yes please! The limited edition teas tempt and tantalise with their own take on unique tea flavours spanning all tea types, including:

New tea blends in our limited edition tea collection spill forth and make a big splash during summertime to create the most refreshing iced teas on the planet. Simply grab your T2 iced tea jug and a box of any light and lively green tea, apple tea to make your go-to favourite iced teas, but why not enlighten your crew with a unique tea brew from the limited edition range of teas?

Don’t worry – our exciting limited edition teas are there to warm away the winter woes too. You’ll always find some snuggle-up-and-sip tasty tea blends with toasty flavours of caramel, chocolate and cinnamon spices.

A dash of creamy milk and these cosy winter warmers provide all the comfort you need on chilly winter days. Just choose your unique milk tea and your favourite teapot to brew up a tea sensation, almost a storm in a T2 teacup!
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