Explore what’s happening in our world of tea. Get to know a few of our fave teas and teawares and check out what we’ve been up to lately!

A tea cup filled with tea A tea cup filled with tea A tea cup filled with tea A tea cup filled with tea

International Women’s Day, 2022

Let’s unite and break the bias this International Women’s Day. #T2gether

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T2 sleep Tea

Our top teas for good sleep

Swap counting sleep for stacking z's.

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T2 Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Everything you need to know about Lunar New Year as we leap into the Year of the Tiger.

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T2 Hemp Tea

Say ‘hi’ to Hemp

Breathe deeply with soothing botanical flavours.

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T2 Gut Health Tea

Our top teas for good digestion

Find the right brew for your belly.

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T2 Cold Brew

October is: Global Diversity Month

It takes all kinds of characters, opinions, experiences and abilities to create a world that embraces all flavours and tastes. Which is why we’re celebrating all kinds of YOU this month in celebration of global diversity.

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T2 Super Latte TEA LIBRARY

Super latte

Genuinely tasty, a cinch to make and with a slew of benefits to be had, our super latte powders are about to turn the latte game upside down. Get set for latte liberation!

T2 bubble tea TEA LIBRARY

Bubble Tea

Boba tea, bubble tea, or pearl milk tea — no matter what you call it, we are here to explain this bouncy, chewy treat and show you how to make it at home. Let’s go!

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Person handing over a T2 bag Person handing over a T2 bag Person handing over a T2 bag

25 and feelin’ fine

They say you can’t change the past — and why would we want to! So, let’s cast our eyes back across the teascape and look at not only where we have come from, but prepare for what’s on the horizon, too.

Cold Brew Cold Brew Cold Brew

Cold brew

Meet the cold brew collection re-defining healthy hydration! Taste the flavour-filled possibilities of instant hydration with our collection of teas made for cold water brewing.

French Earl Grey French Earl Grey French Earl Grey

French Earl Grey

From the smooth, light black tea to the subtle bergamot and explosion of tropical fruits and florals, French Earl Grey’s the epitome of exquisite taste and unforgettable flavour.

Melbourne Breakfast Melbourne Breakfast Melbourne Breakfast

Melbourne Breakfast

As cool, timeless and eternally chic as the city itself, discover Melbourne Breakfast, it’s every black tea lover’s dream.

Matcha tea being poured TEA LIBRARY


Take a closer look at the green dream filling everyone’s teacups, and what makes it such a super brew. Explore its origins, benefits and how to make it into a tasty emerald delight.

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Packs A Peach Packs A Peach Packs A Peach

Packs A Peach

Forget everything you think you know about peach teas. This one earns its name, heaving with more robust, juicy peach flavour than an orchard in the peak of summer.

Fruitalicious Fruitalicious Fruitalicious


Kick up your heels with the ultimate fruit tisane and whisk your tastebuds away to a tropical resort, one where piles of intriguing, endlessly flavoursome fruits await.

Green Rose Green Rose Green Rose

Green Rose

Meet the tropical, rose-tinted green so sweet and sublime it’ll turn any sceptic into a green tea devotee. Experience subtle green tea brought to life with mango, papaya and currants.