With its luscious and light flavour, Jasmine tea is the delicate flower of the T2 collection. Beautifully blended with Green, Black and White teas, Jasmine tea is stunningly scented and wonderfully relaxing no matter what blending partner you opt for. Whether you love light, sweet or bolder tasting notes, Jasmine tea is the gift that keeps on giving in the flavour department, keeping you enthralled and delighted with every sip.

The origins of Jasmine tea

Stretching back to the Han Dynasty in China, the Jasmine flower holds a place in the Buddhist religion, making this a tea that is not only jam-packed with flavour but offers a rich cultural history. Jasmine tea is part of the Gongfu Tea ceremony in China and has been sipped by Asian cultures for centuries.

The uniqueness of Jasmine

Jasmine tea is the warm brew that makes us go “oooh” with every rejuvenating sip. What we love about this versatile flower is its chameleon-like ability to blend with so many other tasting notes. Though you will likely find Jasmine paired with Green tea, she occasionally flirts with other variations, including Black, White and Oolong teas.

Naturally organic green tea fragranced with jasmine blossoms is the perfect way to drink green and stay lean. It contains no unhealthy ingredients, so when you opt for jasmine tea brewing you’re creating a cuppa filled with subtle sweetness, needing no added milk or sugar.

The best blends

Though many teas include only the scent of Jasmine, the collection at T2 includes the plant itself, combined with the base of our choosing, to give the most authentic experience. From China Jasmine and White Jasmine to our Organic Beauty Queen, you will find a range of carefully blended Jasmine teas that cater to every palate and tasting occasion.

Create the right brew for you

Brewing Jasmine tea takes some finesse. You need to first understand the ingredients in your chosen Jasmine variety to perfect the infusion time for just the right balance of flavour. As a floral tisane, a water temperature of 80 degrees Celsius is ideal for protecting the delicate leaves and scorching away the more subtle aromatics.

Jasmine Green tea

With a Green tea base, the infusion time for blends like our China Jasmine should be on the shorter side. Two to three minutes is enough to extract the delicate balance of Green and Jasmine flavours in your cup. Teas like our White Monkey need even less infusing time — 1-3 minutes is enough to ensure that the Green tea base doesn’t overpower the Jasmine flavour in your teapot.

Complex Jasmine blends

Jasmine makes up a blissful part of a tea blend, though the brewing time for each one can be unique depending on the other ingredients used. The Beauty Queen blend follows the usual brewing guidelines for a herbal tea at 2-3 minutes at 80 degrees. The Buddha’s Tears blend needs to steep for around 8-10 minutes to deliver the refreshing flavour it’s known for.

Tea bags vs. loose-leaf

The choice between tea bags and loose-leaf teas is highly personal. Some people prefer control over how much tea goes into their brew; this is where loose-leaf teas are the best choice. For those who like to brew pots of tea to be enjoyed with friends and family, loose-leaf tea varieties can accommodate the changing needs of the social tea drinker.

For those with a busier schedule or who prefer the ease of simply pouring and enjoying, our specially-made tea bags are designed to infuse your favourite flavours with pre-measured servings that let you sip while on the move.

Get ready to brew

The best way to ensure you brew your tea to perfection is to prepare your tools beforehand. A tea infuser is a wonderful way to control your brew if you don’t fancy the tradition of brewing in a pot and preparing your tea mug with hot water.

The perfect cup of Jasmine tea awaits you at T2

For those who are hoping to switch to a healthier beverage alternative or are looking for a delicious cup of green goodness, Jasmine tea is a perfect choice. Shop online with T2 today and discover the joy of sipping on various Jasmine tea blends.

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