When a hearty brew is what you need, supersize it with a gutsy tea mug! Who said less is more? When it comes to tea more is always better, so save the dainty tea cups for tea party fun and dive into a deep daily mug of tea for a fuss-free, long, strong brew.

What are the types of tea mugs?

Tea mugs are multi-talented tea making tools. Iconic and special edition glam tea mugs big and small, short and tall, are both pretty and practical additions to your teawares collection.

  1. Tea mugs with infusers and lids are a fabulous way to enjoy loose leaf tea sans the teapot! It’s one-stop tea-making where you brew and sip from a single vessel – perfect for desktop cuppas all day long!


  1. Of course some tea mugs like the Bonnie and Neil Pretty Mug Evergreen are sexy and saucy saucer-less versions of their gorgeously glam teacup counterparts – just as beautiful but simplified for fuss-free, single-handed slurping.


  1. A whopping 400ml cuppa – or is it a ‘mugga’? – in super-tough borosilicate glass is what you’ll get with the Teaset Glass Aqua Tea Mug complete with a snug-fitting lid to keep your tea toasty.


  1. If you really have a thirst for a mega mug of tea, the Tropicola Generous Tea Mug holds an ocean of tea – 600mls in fact! Perfect for cold winter mornings, you can wrap your chilly hands around this tea-rrific tea vessel, warming hands, heart and tum as you savour the flavour.

Where to buy tea mugs?

Mighty tea mugs are flexing their muscles in T2 stores and online too! A strong and sturdy range of the best tea mugs with lids, tea mugs with infusers, extra big tea mugs or simply large tea mugs are wall-to-wall at your local T2 store!

How to get tea stains out of mugs?

Hardworking tea mugs might be the tough guys in the tea cupboard, but they still need some TLC now and again! To remove stubborn tea stains try soaking your tea mugs in hot vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or give them a scrub with toothpaste!

Free tea tip: Rinsing your tea sets after use and washing in accordance with the instructions will help keep the stains at bay.

How do tea infuser mugs work?

Tea mugs with infusers do the work of a teapot and teacup rolled into one! Simply add a scoop of tea to the infuser, add boiling water and pop on the lid. Let it brew – but not stew – for the recommended time then discard the infuser for a perfect mug of tea!

What are tea mugs made of?

Solid and dependable tea mugs are show-stopping tea vessels with muscles, the strong and silent tea types we secretly love. Just like our tea cups they’re made of fine bone china, porcelain, and there are even borosilicate glass tea mugs – perfectly pretty but with a little more oomph than the spesh tea cups in your glam tea sets.