What is a tea canister?

A tea canister is simply the best way to keep all your fave teas fresh and brew-licious until it’s time to make like a tealeaf and leave!

Stylish and functional, a canny tea canister goes by many names. Grandma may call it a tea caddy, and we might think of it as a tea storage box, a tea container or a tea organiser. Call it what you will, T2 tea canisters safely store your beautiful blends in dark and airtight kitchen containers ensuring the best and freshest brew when it’s tea time.

With beautiful decorative designs available, tea lovers may feel the need to give these kitchen storage containers pride of place on the benchtop. Tea at your fingertips? Now there’s a tea-rrific idea!

What is a tea canister used for?

Put simply, airtight tea canisters are used to store loose leaf tea, reducing light and air which can cause fresh tea to deteriorate over time. Placing loose-leaf tea in good quality, airtight tea tins has long been the ideal way to store tea, ensuring it is always as fresh as can be.

Functional and fabulous T2 tea canisters may slip into your pantry and do their job as a tea storage box quietly and confidently, always there when you need them. But these modern tea canisters may also lap up the limelight and steal the show from the lofty heights of feature shelving or glass-fronted cupboards in your designer kitchen.

How to use a tea canister?

Empty your loose-leaf teas into separate tea canisters. Choose tall or medium tea canisters for the larger packs like breakfast teas, and medium or small tea canisters for your specialist teas like matcha.

Some people leave their teas in the storage bags and place the bag in the tea canister, while others tip the tea leaves directly into the tin.

Unless you have a keen nose for tea and can identify each precious stash by its unique aroma, use T2 handy magnets to write the name of the tea and attach it to the tin. That way you won’t mix up Sleep Tight with Wakey Wakey or Pumping Pomegranate with Packs A Peach!

What is the best way to store tea?

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to rip open the packaging and whip up a tealicious brew the moment you get home from T2. But once the packaging is open your beautiful brews will be happiest when stored in an airtight tea container which allows no light or air to intrude.

What colours do tea canisters come in?

Satiate your tea obsession with decorative tea canisters to complement your T2 teawares. Our groovy designs and fresh block colours mean your tea canisters are as enticing and appealing as the teas they protect. Line your pantry shelves or your benchtops with tea organisers in classic colours such as metallic gold or silver, red, white, aqua or black gloss tea canisters.

As beautiful as the teas inside, the Cakes & Flowers, Cross and Eleganza storage tins blend beautiful designs with sensational colours befitting the magnificent teas within. Cakes & Flowers are oh-so-pretty in Pink, Aqua and Peach while Eleganza Cobalt, Flamingo and White are tea canisters set to match your stylish sipping sets of Eleganza teawares. Cross Blue and Cross Pink are soft and subtle with a lively touch of brushed gold bling.

Where can I buy tea storage?

As sensational as all your fave T2 teas, T2 funky tea canisters offer top notch tea storage for your valuable teas, keeping every tea leaf as fresh as a daisy – or a rosehip, a lavender or a marigold…

T2 kitchen canisters are designed to keep your bodacious blends as bold as can be and your soothing brews flawlessly fluent in delivering all the benefits of luscious loose leaf teas.

Browse the range of decorative tea canisters at your local T2 store, or shop online with free shipping on purchases over $50. We’ll deliver to your door so it’s cuppa time in no time at all, or choose to click and collect if you simply can’t wait!