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Breakfast teas to refresh your morning routine

What makes the perfect morning drink? It should help you wake up and taste good enough that it's motivation to get you out of bed.

Breakfast teas tick all the boxes. We blend them using strong tea that naturally contains a gentle serving of caffeine to help energise you for the day ahead, minus the jitters. Then, the tea gets mixed with ingredients that either make you feel great, or simply taste delicious.

If you want to mix up how you wake up – these are the best teas to start with. All will boost your energy levels (thanks caffeine!), so pick the flavours that suit your taste best.

English Breakfast

Tastes: robust and hearty black tea

Brisk, full of character and probably the most well-known of all tea, it is a blend of broken-leaf teas that create a robust and hearty cup. Serve it with milk and sweetener or as it is.

Wakey Wakey

Tastes: herbal and berry green tea

A supercharged mix of yerba mate, goji berries, guarana, peppermint and green tea. This is the perfect morning brew for green tea fans who want an extra boost of energy from yerba mate. Serve it hot or iced.

Melbourne Breakfast

Tastes: vanilla and malty black tea

Wake yourself up with something a little sweet! This medium-bodied black tea is blended with smooth, fragrant vanilla for a welcome twist to a classic breakfast tea.

Irish Breakfast

Tastes: strong and intense black tea

One of our strongest teas, this frank blend is loved for its stout, intense body and full flavour. Usually drunk with plenty of milk (dairy, oat or whatever you choose).

Earl Grey

Tastes: citrusy and fragrant black tea

A lighter option, this black tea is medium bodied with a hint of bergamot. It is fragrant and usually best without milk. Try it with a squeeze of lemon!


Tastes: strong and malty black tea

Powerful with plenty of depth, Assam offers one of our most complex range of flavours. Malty, almost sweet notes characterise this Eastern Indian classic. Perfect on its own or with a dash of milk.

New York Breakfast

Tastes: pancakes and malty black tea

Start the day with your favourite breakfast, in tea form! This is pancake-inspired tea made with full-bodied black tea, maple syrup notes and cinnamon.

Morning Sunshine

Tastes: strong and malty black tea

In our quest to develop our ultimate breakfast tea, we came up with this robust yet complex blend of malty Assam, fragrant Darjeeling and sweet Rwandan teas.

French Earl Grey

Tastes: fruity and floral black tea

A lighter way to start the day, this staple sees black tea dance with fruity and floral flavours for a very pretty start to the day. Best sipped without milk.

Singapore Breakfast

Tastes: sweet green and black tea

This brew is an ode to Singapore’s beloved breakfast – kaya toast. This tea is a surprising mix of Pu-erh black tea, green tea, coconut and pandan with sweet and toasty flavours.

Canberra Breakfast

Tastes: Sweet biscuit and malty black tea

A nod to Australia’s capital with an ANZAC biscuit twist, this black tea features a combo of sweet oats and coconut – with a hint of rose to finish. It’s all the best bits of Canberra, right in your cuppa!

All Day Breakfast Decaffeinated

Tastes: fruity and malty black tea

A caffeine-free option is this smooth, rich black tea – decaffeinated using a natural process. Slightly fruity with malty notes, the CO2 extraction means we can cut the caffeine without compromising on flavour.

Sydney Breakfast

Tastes: bergamot and full-bodied black tea

Bright, fresh and bold – this is the character of Sydney in a tea. A warm, full-bodied black tea with a delicious hint of bergamot, best served on its own or with milk.

How to make the perfect breakfast tea

  • 1

    Boil the kettle. Warm your cup or pot first by adding a splash of boiling water. Swill and discard, then fill with fresh water to brew. Use the table below to determine the correct temperature for your tea.

  • 2

    Place the loose leaf tea in your infuser. The general rule is 1 teaspoon of tea per 250 ml/8.4 fl oz.

  • 3

    Place the infuser in your cup or pot and brew for the recommended time (see below).

  • 4

    Remove the infuser. Add milk and sweetener if using. Sip mindfully and enjoy!