Discoco Teaset Collection

Sip like a debutant with these fine bone china teawares. Inspired by the head-turning Rococo patterns with a colourful, disco twist.

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Stack of T2 Droplet Delight teawares
Droplet Delight

Watch a veil of shimmering colours dance across your tea table. Irresistibly iridescent, perfectly pearly and available in two stunning colours.

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A tray of T2 Portuguese Tiles Remix teawares
Peace, Love and Paisley

Hand-doodled by our in-house illustrator and hand-applied to each fine bone china shape, this wistfully soft print is designed for stillness amongst the chaos and finished with gold detailing — none the less.

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Stack of T2 Botanicals teawares

From Monet’s Water Lilies to Van Gough’s Still Life, these fine bone china teawares have been inspired by abstract gardens across the world and designed right here at T2 HQ in Melbourne. Finished with 24k gold details, these teawares will ensure every tea break is coming up roses.

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Stack of T2 Jungle Dreaming teawares
Jungle Dreaming

Part the palm fronds and uncover the jungle with these tropical inspired teawares. Hand-painted in the T2 HQ jungle, a lot of attention has been poured into these fine bone china teawares — including 24kt gold detailing. So, you can care more about the bare necessities and less about your worries and your strife.

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Ombre Opulence Teaset Collection
Ombre Opulence

Experience the crowning glory of teatime. Opulent colours of regal blue, delicate pink and peacock green are splashed across long-lasting fine bone china, and hand-detailed with 24 karat gold. It’s an extravagant gift to give, or gift to take for yourself. We won’t tell anyone!

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Discover the wonder that is Morocco
Discover the wonder that is Morocco

Going near is the new far. And whilst this is so, escape to the colourfully chaotic bazaars of Marrakesh. In the palm of your hands is a ticket to kaleidoscopic shapes, vibrant colours and the indescribable buzz of controlled chaos. Sippers, prepare for take-off.

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Boxed Icon Mugs teaset collection
Boxed Iconic Mugs

Matched to your favourite T2 teas, these mugs are inspired by the vibes of some of our most popular teas.

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Hugo Collection teaset collection
Hugo Collection

Ah, Hugo! When timeless tea moments are mandatory, but you’re seeking something with a retro edge, set yourself up with this matte must-have range.

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