One of the niftiest gadgets for lovers of loose leaf tea, T2 Teamakers deliver the perfect cup of tea! No mess, no fuss, it's quality teamaking for all to see.

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Terrific Teamaking Made Easy

Why is the T2 Teamaker the coolest gadget in the wide world of tea? Because it is all about the tea! The teamaker may be a gadget but it’s definitely not gimmicky. Smart design enables easy and efficient brewing of the perfect cup of tea with no mess, no fuss and easy cleaning for top tea moments in your day.

What is a teamaker?

A teamaker is a genius tea gadget where designer brilliance is disguised as simplici-tea!

Every tea lover needs a T2 Teamaker in their tea-making toolkit. There is no glitz, no gold and no glam – but this little beauty bedazzles with pure cleverness, and a little bit of showmanship too…

The teamaker brews the tea then dispenses it straight into your teacup or tea mug directly through a super sneaky bottom-pour mechanism. Voila! Take a bow, the perfect cup of tea is made.

How does a teamaker work?

Literally turning tea making techniques upside down, the T2 Teamaker works in the opposite way to a teapot.

  • The release mechanism is triggered when the teamaker is placed on the cup. The hot water flows evenly through the bottom of the teamaker, so the unique flavours and aromas of your favourite brew are delivered into your teacup in flavour-maximising form.
  • The fine mesh tea infuser is built-in but removable for easy cleaning. It ensures no tiny tea leaf particles sneak into your cup so you have a pure brew, and without a spout there are no messy drips or dribbles.

How do you use a T2 Teamaker?

Easy-peasy tea making looks like this:

  1. Sit your teamaker on a flat surface upon the accompanying coaster.
  2. Add the desired amount of loose leaf tea.
  3. Add the hot water and steep your tea for the recommended time.
  4. Using the handle and taking care not to touch the bottom of the teamaker, sit it on the top of your teacup.
  5. The bottom-release mechanism automatically opens and delivers an even flow of tea directly into the cup with no mess and no rogue tea leaf escapees.
  6. When you lift the teamaker off the cup it stops releasing the tea.
  7. Using the handle and not touching the bottom, place the teamaker back on the coaster.
  8. Sit, sip and savour a perfectly made cup of tea!

Depending on the size of your teacup or tea mug, the 1 cup teamaker delivers 500mls of tealicious tea. If your cup is less than 500mls capacity fill the teamaker with less hot water, or simply lift it up to check the level as you go.

Making two smaller cups of tea? Sit the teamaker on the first cup, lift to check the level then when the cup is full simply pop the teamaker onto the second cup – easy!

Can you make iced tea in a teamaker?

Of course! The super-skilled T2 Teamaker can make all types of tea. Choose your favourite iced tea varieties and pop a scoop plus the hot water into the iced tea maker before chilling in the fridge.

Gifts for tea lovers

The practical T2 Teamaker is a great gift for tea lovers, earning its place alongside beautiful teapots, tea mugs with infusers, and stunning tea sets.

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