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Pour a fair share

Celebrating our differences, we stand together for equity.

Pour a fair share Pour a fair share Pour a fair share Pour a fair share

Global Diversity Awareness Month

A collaboration bursting with brilliance

Equity and equality – the words sound and look similar, but there’s differences you need to know. What better time than Global Diversity Awareness Month to learn.

Equity allows us all to thrive and fill our cups. We need equity before we can enjoy true equality, that way everyone has genuinely fair access to opportunities.

So, put the kettle on and join us to celebrate our differences and discuss how we can make fairer communities, workplaces, and societies.

Conversation with Div Pillay

We had a cuppa with Div Pillay, the CEO and Co-Founder of diversity and inclusion consultancy MindTribes and Co-Founder of Culturally Diverse Women, and discussed the importance of equity, not just equality.

The T2 team talks equity

Our talented team share their own experiences.

A brewing force for good

Here at T2, we’re actively addressing racism, fighting for equity, and celebrating diversity with these initiatives:

Reconciliation Action Plan

Phase one is complete, and the second phase is progressing.

Diversity and Inclusion committee

We continue to operate a Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Discussion groups

We host diversity and anti-racism discussion groups.


We collect feedback from team members on internal platforms.


We embrace and promote cultural events throughout the calendar year.

Brand and product partnerships

We continue to work with and elevate our diverse communities.