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International Women’s Day, 2022

Let’s unite and break the bias this International Women’s Day. #T2gether

Stronger together

We are better, together. Stronger, together. And this International Women’s Day, we are uniting together, side by side, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, to raise women up.

How? By using our voices to #BreakTheBias through sharing stories, experiences and challenges. And in turn, create a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Ready? We are. Let’s do this.

Brooke Blurton on bias

Over a cuppa, proud First Nations woman, Youth Worker and Mental Health Advocate shares her experience with bias thus far.

Solidarity, Sister Sipper

To raise women up, T2’s own share their cross-generational experiences with bias in the workplace.

Green rose and white Jasmine tea

A seat at the (tea) table

Discover how we have been celebrating difference in here, at T2, to make a difference out there.

Women in leadership

  • 75% global
  • 61% excluding retails
  • 57% senior leaders
  • 50% LT
  • 71% ELT

Gender diversity