Iced Tea Treats

Chill out on a hot summers’ day with a zesty splash of refreshingly healthy iced tea! Frrrresh and fruity or citrusy iced tea recipes offer hydrating, thirst-quenching, tastebud-tingling ways to stay as cool as a cucumber when the temperature is rising.

How do you make iced tea?

The totally cool T2 Jug-A-Lot lets you brew iced tea, chill and serve the most delicious mouth-watering iced tea drinks the easy breezy way! Simply:

  1. Add the tea and hot water to your iced tea jug. Fruit tisanes and some herbal teas make the tastiest iced tea treats.
  2. Leave the tea to brew for between thirty minutes and four hours at room temperature.
  3. Remove the infuser and pop the iced tea jug into the fridge.
  4. When it’s super cool and ready to drink from your T2 teaglasses or tumblers, serve over ice and fresh fruit - citrus or berries add a tarty-tasty kick – and a sprig of mint for a zesty touch!

Is iced tea healthy?

Chilled loose leaf tea is a fabulous way to increase your hydration during hot weather and if you choose to make sugar free iced tea it’s even healthier!

Made from your choice of fruit tisanes, herbal teas, black teas and even green teas such as popular Japanese green tea blends, iced tea recipes can be as healthy (or sweet!) as you like to make them.

Opting for healthy? Create sweet teas the healthy way by adding fresh fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, watermelon or mango slices for added lip-smacking sweetness minus the sugar.

What is cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is made using room temperature or cold water instead of hot water. The infused cold brew tea doesn’t take long to steep, but if you leave it for a few hours the flavours are ahhhh-mazing.

The bitter tannic acids in tea are drawn out by hot water, so if you’re making iced tea with black tea or green tea, choose a cold brew tea for lighter, smoother flavours without the bitter kick.

Some bold tea flavours you can make as a cold brew tea include:

Does iced tea hydrate you?

It’s hard not to feel hydrated when sipping on long, fruity-tuity splashes of iced tea! Add lots of ice and garnish with juicy fruits such as watermelon or lime slices for added hydration.

Black tea and green tea do contain caffeine and can have mild diuretic effects, so choose fruit and herbal tisanes for healthier hydration.

Does iced tea have caffeine?

You can brew iced tea with any tea leaves or tea bags that take your fancy. If you use black tea bags or tea leaves or you make green iced tea then it will have caffeine, but if you choose fruit tisanes or herbal teas your tealiciously invigorating iced tea will be caffeine free.