Simmer down with a minty fresh Peppermint tea. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans swore by its restorative qualities, and you can too with the delightful T2 range available in our online store. The multiple benefits of Peppermint tea combined with its fresh and delicious flavour make this a favourite for any time, day or night.

Put some pep in your step

The minty fresh flavour of Peppermint tea adds an invigorating and delicious way to start your day. As with most herbal teas, the absence of caffeine in this refreshing brew means you can enjoy a cup or two whenever the craving strikes — without worrying about being up all night. People throughout the years have used Peppermint tea as a herbal remedy to manage a range of afflictions, from relieving headaches and allergies to improving digestion and concentration.

The best to blend

Because of its unique flavour, Peppermint is the ideal ingredient to combine into a delicious tea blend. Though a standalone Peppermint flavour is wonderful, this minty delight can also add to the complexity and layers of a curated mix of other great flavours. From Wakey Wakey to Nighty Night, the options for mint flavours are seemingly endless in the T2 blended collection.

Tins, bags and gift cubes

One of the best things about Peppermint tea is how it can be dressed. From modern tea bags that enable you to convenient sip on its refreshing flavours without preparation, loose leaf tins that are the perfect accessory to any kitchen countertop and gift cubes that are brightly decorated and perfectly packaged for that special someone — these are just some of the ways you can enjoy the delightful scents and flavours that come with the T2 Peppermint range.

Brewing the perfect Peppermint cup

As with all teas, brewing the perfect cup is a delicate process. Peppermint tea benefits from higher water temperatures than some other teas, and it is important to ensure that you add the right amount of tea to your mug or teapot for the best balance of flavour. Follow this simple guide to make the most of your next cup of T2 Peppermint tea.

Pick out your preferred Peppermint tea blend

With such a wide selection of teas in our Peppermint collection, you have plenty of options! Our sustainably sourced and quality produced Peppermint tea is part of a range of delicious blends, including The Quiet Mind, Liquorice Legs and our highly favoured Tummy Tea, but if Just Peppermint is what you’re after, we have that too!

Prep your cup

One step that is often missed, which can contribute beautifully to brewing the ideal cup of tea, is the preparation of your teacup. Pre-filling your tea mug or cup with boiling water will help to keep your tea at the right temperature for longer, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying, longer-lasting sip of Peppermint tea.

Add just the right amount

When it comes to tea, more is not always better. Like many things in life, the perfect balance is often achieved by adding a little less and waiting a little longer. The infusion time will take care of the strength and flavour for you, so if you are using loose-leaf tea, it is best to stick to the standard measurement of 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup.

Achieve the right temperature

Brewing the best cup all really boils down to the water temperature you are using. Peppermint tea, like most fruity teas and herbal tisanes, benefits most from boiling water poured into an infuser or pot and being left to sit for 2-3 minutes before consumption. For those that prefer a lighter flavour, 3 minutes may be enough, but if you’re looking for the full minty fresh flavour, then 5 minutes might be a better brew time for you.

Sip and enjoy

Your Peppermint tea is ready! Inhale the uplifting, pleasant aroma and let the tea’s delicious flavour leave you feeling fresh and stimulated for the day ahead.

Choose a minty infusion from T2 today

Whatever type of Peppermint tea you are looking for, T2 offers a wonderful range of options to tantalise your tastebuds. Enhance your fresh start to the day or perfect your wind-down routine with a cup of minty freshness. Shop online with T2 today and discover the power of Peppermint in delivering you the best tea-drinking experience.

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