What are the different styles and shapes of tea cups?

Afternoon tea time? Knock your guests’ socks off and serve their tea pop-your-pinky-style with our range of opulent tea cups, tea mugs and tea cup and saucer sets.

Our designers take inspiration from all over the world to produce heart-warming limited edition designs along with simply stunning patterns and creative collaborations to warm the cockles of your heart – and your teapot.

Take your tea making rituals to another level when you serve your best brews in blooming beautiful tea cups and saucers in floral, geometric and international designs cleverly crafted from glass, fine bone china, porcelain and stoneware.

Just like your chosen tea tipple, your choice of tea cup can reflect your mood of the moment. Pour your breakfast brews into large tea cups with bold and cheeky designs to tackle the day ahead. Settle in for the evening with a soothing night time brew in subtle and sophisticated tea cup styles. Get with the multi-cultural vibe and sup on a sip-alicious blend in china tea cups, Turkish tea cup patterns, Moroccan-inspired designs or enjoy the greenie goodness of a healthy matcha brew in a clean and clear matcha bowl!

Our tea cups have panache and personality, pizzazz and pep! They’re delicate and dainty, bold and bodacious, funky and spunky – and will execute your tea traditions with a vivacious vibe.

How to remove stains from teacups?

T2 teas are irresistibly tasty, so your trusty tea cups are constantly in use. When they’ve been working overtime and they’re not cleaning up to a freshy and zesty shade of white, it’s time for a little extra TLC to bring them back to their former dazzling selves.

There are many schools of thought on how to remove stubborn tea stains from tea cups. Some suggest soaking in hot vinegar overnight, others say to make a paste with bleach and baking soda and leave for half an hour before washing thoroughly.

A gentle scrub with baking soda on your kitchen sponge followed by a good soak might do the trick, or you can try a little toothpaste directly on the stains.  Rinse it all off for bedazzling teacups once again!

How to clean your tea set?

Your spunky new T2 tea cup set will settle into your kitchen with specific care instructions in mind, because they’re all a little different.

Perhaps you love the clarity of tea glasses and tumblers, or maybe you’re a glam and gracious fine bone china tea cups person. If you’re a green tea ritualist Japanese tea cups in stoneware might take pride of place in your kitchen cupboards. All are unique and beautiful in their own special way, with different cleaning procedures.

With most tea sets it is safest to handwash with warm soapy water and rinse well, because they’re generally not fans of the dishwasher.

Do tea cups come in sets?

Adorable T2 tea sets are must-have collectibles designed to transform your humble morning cuppa to a level suitable for royalty!  Our tea cups and tea sets suit every tea-licious tea-slurping occasion, from your face-the-day morning brekkie brew to any fine and dandy opulent high tea occasion.

Our bespoke tea sets in limited editions offer perfectly pretty floral cups and saucers, exciting teaware artistry in matching cup and saucer sets, and the option to partner up with matching teapots, infusers, milk jugs and sugar bowls. Now that’s a tea party waiting to happen!

Where to buy tea cups?

You can put the kettle on whip up a tasty tea brew then spend hours browsing exquisite T2 tea cup designs online but be warned, you’ll want them all!

Popping down to your local T2 store is a magical experience but again, you should expect to be there quite a while, for you’ll be dazzled by our spellbinding tea cup collections set to enthral and enrapture you with their divine beauty, enchanting patterns and rainbow colour palettes.

What are tea cups made of?

You can start sipping your best tea blends while enjoying exquisite tea cup artistry carefully crafted in fine bone china, porcelain, stoneware or borosilicate glass tea cups. Our gorgeous and gloriously glam tea cups are set to serve any tea time with style!

What can you do with tea cups and saucers?

Traditionally, the English served their tea on small side tables, so the saucer was used to place the teacup upon, between sips. Saucers also have practical value in protecting tabletops from the heat of the tea cup as well as catching any splashes or spills.

An enchanting tea cup and saucer adds a sense of formality and sophistication, adding flair to the tea drinking experience. The alternative – which may make true tea traditionalists shudder - is a tea mug, tea glass or tumbler which are the casual counterparts to the more elegant teacup and saucer.

Why not wow your afternoon tea party guests with the graceful and elegant experience of exquisite tea cup sets – because even teddy bear tea parties were never complete without a full set of tiny cups and saucers!