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Try our tea latte powders for wonderfully warming, frothy and creamy, good-for-you powdered tea brews!

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Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our delightful tea latte powders. Crafted for those craving a perfect fusion of comforting warmth and rich, aromatic flavours, our tea lattes are a sensory delight and a must-try for all tea lovers.

Crafting the essence of tea latte powder

Tea latte powder is a harmonious blend of finely ground tea and complementary ingredients.

  • Tea selection — The journey begins with the careful selection of high-quality tea leaves. Whether it's the vibrant green tea leaves for a matcha latte or the robust black tea leaves for a chai latte, the chosen tea forms the heart of the powder.
  • Grinding and blending — The selected tea leaves undergo a precise grinding process to transform them into a fine powder. This step is crucial for achieving a smooth and consistent texture in the powder. The powdered tea is then blended with other ingredients to enhance its flavour profile.
  • Flavour infusion — To enrich the taste experience, additional ingredients are often infused into the blend. For instance, matcha latte powder may have a touch of sweetness, or the chai latte mix might feature a medley of spices. These additions contribute to the distinctive and indulgent flavour of the tea latte.
  • Texture enhancement — Achieving the velvety texture that defines a good hot tea latte involves adding ingredients that facilitate frothing and mixing with milk. This ensures that the powder effortlessly transforms into a luxurious, frothy concoction when you prepare your tea latte.
  • Packaging — Once the tea latte powder is perfected, it is thoughtfully packaged to preserve its freshness and flavour. The packaging not only safeguards the quality of the powder but also provides convenient access for tea enthusiasts to create their perfect latte at home.

How to make the perfect tea latte

Creating your favourite tea latte at home is a breeze with our specially curated latte powders.

  • Prepare your tea latte powder — Select your desired tea latte powder.
  • Brew your tea — Prepare a robust cup of your chosen tea, ensuring it's brewed to perfection. This serves as the flavourful base for your latte.
  • Heat and froth your milk — Heat your milk of choice and froth it until it achieves that dreamy, creamy consistency. This step is crucial for achieving the signature frothiness of a classic hot tea latte.
  • Mix and enjoy — Pour the brewed tea into your favourite mug, add the frothed milk and stir gently to create a harmonious blend. Watch as the rich flavours of the tea intertwine with the creamy texture of the frothed milk.

Indulge in our tea latte powders at T2

At T2, we aim to give you the best tea experience. Unwind and relish the moment as you sip on your homemade hot tea latte in the comfort of your own space!

Elevate your tea experience with our exquisite range of tea mugs, stylish tea glasses and tumblers and other essential tea accessories. Whether you're a fan of traditional teas or prefer the convenience of powdered teas, we have everything you need to brew the perfect cup.


How do I make a tea latte at home?

To craft the perfect tea latte at home, check out our guide. Learn the art of combining rich tea flavours with velvety frothed milk, bringing café-quality indulgence to your tea ritual.

How do I make a tea latte without a frother?

To make a tea latte without a frother, begin by brewing your favourite tea. Heat your preferred milk on the stove, then manually froth it with a whisk or shake it in a lidded container. Combine the frothed milk with the brewed tea, add sweeteners or spices if desired and enjoy your homemade tea latte.

What is in a tea latte?

A tea latte is a harmonious blend of hot tea and steamed or frothed milk. It is best enjoyed when you're looking for a comforting and warming beverage, making it an excellent choice for chilly mornings or relaxing evenings.

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