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If you’re a tea lover, you haven’t tried tea until you’ve had a tea latte. Discover a whole new world where the traditional charm of tea meets the creamy luxury of a latte. If you’re looking for a new tea treat to delight your senses, look no further than our exquisite selection of tea lattes here at T2.

What is a tea latte?

A tea latte combines the rich, nuanced flavour of steeped tea with the creamy, smooth texture of milk that will have you sinking back into your seat as you savour the taste. This fusion creates the perfect balance for a unique tasting experience.

Tea latte vs milk tea

Now, we know what you might be thinking. What’s the difference between a tea latte vs milk tea? Unlike traditional tea, where a dollop of milk might be a mere addition to your morning Earl Grey tea or English Breakfast tea, milk plays a more central role in a tea latte. It’s often steamed to create a frothy, luxurious texture. The versatility of tea lattes creates an abundance of possibilities for flavour variations. At T2, we’ve created the perfect blend of creamy flavour sensations that will have you reaching for your mug. But first, what were the origins of today’s popular tea latte?

The history of tea latte

In the late 19th century, the British established tea plantations in India. Tea had become a quintessential drink in India by the Second World War. The elite would drink expensive leaf tea, or chai, lightly steeped in hot water with no milk or sugar, while the working class would have tea mixed with sugar and milk for a more nutritious beverage.

Fast forwarding to the 1990s, Starbucks launched its version of a chai latte, appealing to a wider audience since not everyone is a coffee drinker. Inspired by Eastern tea traditions, the cultural fusion of a tea latte is enjoyed worldwide today, whether it’s a classic chai latte or a modern matcha latte.

Indulge in our oh-so-creamy tea lattes at T2

At T2, we take great pride in crafting tea lattes to cater to the taste of each of our customers. Whether you have a sweet tooth or love a fruity sensation, you’re in for a treat when it comes to our collection of tea lattes:

  • Choc Caramel Super Latte

    Lashings of decadent chocolate and the oozing goodness of caramel combine forces with gut-loving herbs to create this marvellous brew. Revel in its creamy glory without the need for any added sugar — it’s loaded with oh-so-delicious chocolatey goodness, perfect as a morning or afternoon treat to keep you going.

  • Berry Boost Super Latte

    Are you a berry lover? If so, you can’t miss this show-stopping flavour concoction at T2. Our Berry Boost Super Latte is the ultimate mix of blueberries, blackcurrants, red currants and hibiscus, combined with acerola extract — a natural source of vitamin C. Watch its creamy pink colours swirl around in your mug as you sip. With playful notes of liquorice root and cinnamon, it’s the ideal fusion of spice and its berry counterparts.

How to brew our selection of tea lattes

Brewing a perfect tea latte is an art form and at T2, we cherish this creative process. Here’s how you can recreate the magic of a tea latte at your very own home:

  1. Select your tea — Choose from our range of exquisite tea lattes at T2.
  2. Heat/ice your milk/water — Boil 250mL of water or, for a creamier result, steam or froth your milk until it is hot and velvety. Whether it’s a dairy or plant-based version, either works wonderfully. Alternatively, for an iced tea latte, add ice to your milk or refrigerated water in one of our tea tumblers for a more refreshing result.
  3. Make a paste — Combine one sachet of your tea latte powder with a dash of milk or water. Then, stir in the remainder of your liquid in your tea mug or tumbler.
  4. Enjoy — Slowly sip on your tea latte and enjoy the jam-packed flavours for yourself!

Switch up your tea routine with your choice of tea latte from T2

While you can’t go wrong with a traditional breakfast tea or herbal tea, we all crave a little adventure sometimes. Tea lattes will take you on a sensory journey with their frothy, creamy texture that elevates the typical tea-drinking experience. Whether you’re cozying up with a book or seeking a refreshing break to sip tea on your patio or balcony, our tea lattes promise a delightful experience with every sip.

While you’re here, check out our entire range of tea, including our powdered tea. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who would be happy to assist you.


Is there caffeine in black tea?

Yes, every tea sourced from the camellia sinensis plant contains caffeine. Although the amount can vary depending on the tea leaves, brewing time and the infusion's strength, black tea has the highest caffeine content — making it the perfect cuppa to kickstart your day or get you through that 3 pm slump.

What types of tea can be used to make tea lattes?

Tea lattes are made with various teas, each offering a unique flavour profile. Black teas, like Earl Grey and chai, boast robust and spicy flavours. Green tea, especially matcha, provides a more earthy and slightly sweet taste. Herbal teas like rooibos can also be used as a caffeine-free alternative, providing a lighter fruity or floral flavour.

How is a tea latte different from a regular cup of tea?

A tea latte differs from a regular cup of tea due to its richness and texture. While regular tea is tea leaves steeped in water, a tea latte combines strong-brewed tea with steamed water or milk, resulting in a creamier and more indulgent beverage.

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