Tasty Teas For Chocoholics and Sweet Tooth Tea Lovers

Sweet treats to make your tastebuds tingle include our sweet tea and chocolate tea collections because… hey, it’s not always breakfast tea time!

Sweet teas and chocolate teas are the perfect choice for an after-dinner cuppa or any time when a hit of caffeine or a calorie-laden dessert isn’t what you need, but a little taste of something sweet would hit the ‘aaahhhh’ spot.

What is sweet tea and chocolate tea?

Our sweet tea and chocolate tea collections are sensational brews fusing a range of flavours to create a whole new tea-drinking experience for lovers of sugar, spice and all things nice.

Sometimes made with a base of:

  1. Black tea
  2. Green tea
  3. Fragrant fruits
  4. Herbals and blossoming botanicals

the best sweet teas offer inspired tea tastes such as fruity infusions, nutty nuances, vanilla accents and spicy notes with fresh or creamy textures.

Sweet teas always go down a treat. Drunk steaming hot and just as popular ice cold as a refreshing iced tea beverage, sweet teas and chocolate teas are popular tea drinks.

Sweet tea flavours

Sweet tea flavours can tease every tastebud. Ranking highly on our top selling teas list are several sweet teas including:

  • Crème Brulee – a rich and sumptuous black tea with vanilla, caramel and hazelnut undertones – just like the popular dessert!
  • Fruitalicious – a single cup of tea will transport you to faraway tropics filled with sunshine and bursting with blueberries, dragonfruit, kiwi fruit and other exotic fruits.
  • Blue Mountain – at the peak of its prime a tantalising cup of Blue Mountain delivers a light black tea taste hinting at stewed fruits and vanilla laced with a lingering sweet finish.

We have a treasure trove of sweet teas to try, so why not discover the ones that work for you?

How do you make sweet tea?

When you make a sweet cup of tea, you can choose from the following flavours:

  • Berry – rich with antioxidants and berrylicious tastes.
  • Fruity – an explosion of fruit salad flavours.
  • Citrus – fresh and zesty.
  • Flavoured – such as caramel, chocolate, toffee or vanilla.
  • Minty – sweet and refreshing minty tastes.
  • Unflavoured – natural sweet tastes with no added flavouring.

There are lots of delightful sweet tea recipes to try, or simply brew the tea in accordance with the directions on the pack, just as you would a black tea, green tea or herbal tea.

If you’re enjoying sweet tea as an iced tea drink, you can steep the tea for longer to gain a full infusion of fruit or sweet flavours. Some iced tea recipes will suggest to steep for 15 minutes or more.

Is chocolate tea good for you?

Discover the benefits of chocolate tea when you indulge in these scrumptious choccy blends:

  1. Go nuts for a cup of T2 Hot Choc because this warm and creamy cuppa gets its chocolate flavours from black tea, cacao nibs and powder, cocoa husks and choccy pieces. Black tea and cacao are full of antioxidants and naturally good for you, while a smattering of choccy pieces is better than eating a chocolate bar, right?
  2. A cup of Crazy Good Cocoa is an herbal tisane which gets its decadent chocolate flavour only from pure cocoa husks – nothing added, nothing artificial and nothing to lose by enjoying a steaming hot cup!
  3. The Belly Blend features in our Wellness Collection and is chock full of goodness! Get your choccy fix while settling a tumultuous tum with a delicious blend of black tea, cocoa husk, carob, pu-erh black tea, cacao, roasted chicory, burdock and marshmallow root.